Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rants And Rambles

We've had a bit of an ice storm here, not nearly as bad as what was projected, but very slick outside the house so Hubs and I have not ventured out at all.  We DO NOT need to fall.  Of course Hubs has his TV on all the time and I have been dinking around on the computer with an occasional foray to the kitchen for a cup of coffee or green tea, and I may stop to see what he's watching, and so I have things to rant about. 

NBC Saturday morning news has a new segment called Rosson Reports.  There was a good piece about how best to get out if you fall through the ice on a pond.  Second best advice only to staying off the ice to begin with, but yeah, dogs and little children can't be expected to have the skills to know this, UNLIKE WHAT WE WOULD EXPECT FOR ADULTS.  Just sayin.....  There was one piece of advice about carrying ice picks with us to help pull ourselves out of the ice once we're in frozen water, but if we're not even smart enough to stay off the ice, then we're not going to pack ice picks beforehand.  Even if we do, then hospitals all over the country will start having to treat people for ice pick puncture wounds.

I'm trying very hard not to talk politics on the blog.  I'm having a lot of trouble keeping my mouth shut around certain friends and family members who have the attitude that gloating to their Democrat friends and relatives is OK.  And I've given up on watching Fox and Friends, which is incredibly biased.  News program hosts should put their personal opinions aside and present both sides, that's what good reporting IS.  If they don't mind losing over half the viewing audience then I guess it's OK to ignore the fact that if you're hosting a news program you're not supposed to tell the public what they're supposed to think, or let it be known that you think people who do NOT think like you do are stupid.  I'm offended by their nasty remarks and their Better Than You attitudes.  It seems like they only have people on their show that have different opinions than they do so they can be hostile and rude to them during the interview.  They're so upset about how PEOTUS is being treated and I guess they were still in high school and didn't notice how Republicans acted towards The Obamas.  I was sent an e-mail that depicted Michelle as an orangutan.  So don't talk to me about unfair or crude.  They so often say "The People have spoken, so get over it", and yes, The People DID speak, by the popular vote.  And what they said was ignored because of the outdated way that votes are counted and then manipulated. 

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't in love with Hillary, either.  My vote was based on a decision of who would be likely to do us the least damage.  Isn't that a sad way to have to vote, when there should be so many GOOD, QUALIFIED people running for the office here in the good old U S of A that it would be hard to choose because they are so good rather than so bad????  What does THAT say about us, as a country?  If you ask me, Making America Great Again should start right then and there.

I do so hope Mr. Trump does a good job, I think he's motivated to do so because he wants to go down in history as unarguably Making America Great Again, and more power to him if he can truly do that.  However, when he really does "know things other people don't know", I think he'll find his new job to be bigger and more difficult than he ever imagined.  We will all find out what Mr. Trump is really made of, and maybe we'll get beyond the bullying and petty crap and see a man underneath it all that we can respect.  I hope, for the sake of all Americans and The World, this will happen.  And just as Republicans did when Mr. Obama was the president, I will pray for our government and the safety of our people and the world.  And that's all I'm going to say about that, even if I have to get up out of my chair and go do something else for awhile.



A new documentary has been put out by The Department of Transportation called "Stop. Trains Can't."  It's a pity we need this.  And a testament to The Dumbing Down Of America.  You can find out more information about whether that's really "a thing" by using those five words as a search term.  A lot of people think it's an intentional thing.  But seriously.  When I was a kid, everybody knew better than to cross the tracks with a train coming.  Duh.

Dish Network keeps sending me emails that say they're giving me a gift on the subject line.  And then, turns out to be a temporary lower price for some channel we don't have.  When the time is up, you have to tell them to take it off or they start charging you The Big Price for it, which is how they sneak extra channels into your package, because people now tend to have poor memories and short attention spans.  Hellooooo, aren't GIFTS supposed to be free??  They've taken off one of our local channels because they haven't been able to bully them into paying a higher price to be part of our subscription, and why should they have to pay anything at all?  This station is advertising on the radio that we should call and request a credit on our account for the missing channel that is part of the package we've paid for but are not getting.  Our local channels are free when we have antenna.  And so are lots of other digital channels.  If not for Hubs, I would've discontinued Dish a long time ago.  If your house does not have an antenna, you can get those things they call "keys", that I thought till just now are new-fangled rabbit ears.  But I've done some checking and apparently they require an internet connection.  We have a big antenna in our attic and our upstairs TV is connected to it.  No internet connection up there, just plain old antenna like "in the old days", in fact, it was there when we bought the house, and the installer from Dish got into the connection boxes that are in nearly every room of our house and made them unusable.  We had to call and tell them what he did and that he did so without our consent.  Boy, was he mad when they sent him back here to undo what he did.  I made Hubs go and follow him around and make sure he fixed everything.  Antenna reception is digital now, very clear, and many more channels other than the locals and the educational station, like we used to have.  But even so, how spoiled rotten can we BE?  Four channels was plenty back then and could be again today if we weren't, like, sitting in front of it ALL. DAY. LONG.  One of the things I like about it is that when our Dish reception goes out, like during a storm, antenna TV is rocking right along.  Amazon has a PicTek set of rabbit ears that I don't think requires an internet connection.

TVs that have been made in the past 10 years or so are required to have the antenna option for HD reception built in.  All you have to do is change your settings to antenna and be connected physically to the antenna through a port in the back of the TV.  You can easily find out how to change your reception settings by Googling.

And when you do, you might find this guy who made his own antenna:

Bless his heart.

I noticed some birds unlike any I'd ever seen today in the front yard. Hubs looked them up and he thinks they are Dickcissels.  Black bibs.  Yellow bellies.  Striped crowns.  Bigger than a sparrow, smaller than a robin but not by very much.  I never even heard of that bird.  And I thought Titmouse was a weird name for a bird.  LOL  Who makes up these names, anyway? 

Here is what Cornell has to say about them:

Oklahoma Gardening had a good show today, it was a repeat from August, and was done in Antlers, OK.  It's about the Choctaw Indians and how they used certain plants that most of us around here consider to be weeds.  That's here:

I really do like how I can find nearly anything I'm interested in reading on the Internet.  One day, several weeks ago, while I was at the workout center, I grabbed a magazine to read while I was on the bicycle, and it was an old Southern Living. Southern Living magazine is popular here in Oklahoma because a lot of people here have roots in the South and were raised on Southern food. I'm told true Southern people don't eat much beef. It's pork for them. And I imagine, being closer to the coast than we are out here in the middle of the prairie, they like their shrimp and other types of seafood. Seems like their grain of choice is rice and corn. 

If you were raised on the prairie, then your grain of choice is wheat AND corn.  We're not big on grits, we prefer our corn in fragrant sweet cornbread or still on the cob, hot, salty and buttery.  And we eat a lot of potatoes.  Rice has become an acquired taste for Hubs and me, as we just didn't see much of it on our plates when we were kids. Regional stuff is what we're all about, stuff we grew up on, stuff that came out of the home garden or at least local gardens. My mother's grandparents came from the South. My dad's grandparents were German descendants who migrated from Germany to Pennsylvania to Maryland to Indiana and Ohio and then to Kansas. His dad's parents were from England.  They had a farm near Alliance, NE and dad said when he was a boy and visiting there, his job was digging potatoes.  Mom's mother was not a very good cook and so she wasn't able to teach her daughters much.  After Mom married Dad, she was taught "home-cookin'" by Dad's grandmother, Martha Elizabeth Hufferd Dalton Stimpson.  So Mom's cooking was what you'd call "eclectic".  She made some simple things that she had eaten growing up, but mostly she made the dishes Dad knew from his childhood. We didn't get much fish and seafood, because it just wasn't available in Kansas and Oklahoma unless somebody fished in local streams and lakes, and nobody in our family did. So I never learned to like fish much, and shrimp look like little embryos to me and just make my skin crawl to have a plate of them put in front of me. Plus there's just something disgusting about having to tear off a shell with legs on it.  Then there's that "mud vein", which is an awfully nice term for it, considering it's not so much a vein as it is an entrail. Hubs, the son of poor Oklahoma sharecroppers who had roots in Missouri and Tennessee, learned to love shrimp while he was in the navy and I have fixed them for him now and then. I always remove that "vein" but I understand some people just don't go to the trouble to do that, and that's why I never order shrimp when we go out to eat.

But anyway, while I was looking through the magazine, Hubs was on a treadmill a few machines down from my recumbent bike. I held up a page that had a dessert called Cherry Pie Bars on it and asked him how it looked. He said, "Delicious!" I turned to the page that was supposed to hold the recipe and it had been TORN OUT!!!! Sheesh. So I found it on the Internet by doing a search on "Southern Living Cherry Pie Bars".    And then I realized how many other recipes were on this website.  Wowsers!  This particular dessert is not something I could eat and get away with it.  One of these days, I'll make it for Hubs, though.

Oh, and I also found a really good rice side dish on Allrecipes.  I don't like bread stuffing because it's soggy.  And I don't like stuffings when they're baked inside the bird because they're too greasy.  This dish is prepared in a casserole and would be good with poultry or pork, almost any time of the year.  It freezes well, too, so good to keep on hand for whipping up a quick meal.  Just do pay attention to what a reviewer says, as follows: "It should read: 'Cook 1 cup of wild rice in 1 1/2 cup of water AND 1 1/2 cup of broth, for a total of 3 cups of liquid'."  She also adds that she makes it without the bacon and it's still delicious. 

Well, I think that's enough of my ranting to make you so glad you're not MY neighbor that you'll go out and kiss your REAL neighbors RIGHT ON THE MOUTH!!  (yes, Paula, even you.) Heh.  I'm working on another Weight Loss post, but not finished with it yet, will probably post it in a few days. 

Y'all Rock On, Hubs and I will do the same.  Stay safe and well.  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. Oh, Sweet Ilene!!! I literally did "Laugh Out Loud" at least 3 times during this post!!! How delightful!!!!

    I too think the dis-respect needs to get in-check. I didn't vote for O'bama, but I respected him as our president. I got tears in my eyes several times listening to his good-bye speech. He did a lot and some of it he didn't get right, but who does? I think we all need to remember we're all on the same side and we should really hope this president does well.

    We're considering ditching "Dish" ourselves....and can't I just get by with a side-ways hug of the neighbor? heh


    1. No, but can I be there when you do it. LOL

  2. Folks, I've been thinking about my rant about falling through the ice and I realize I've been rude and insensitive about that. I know lots of adults that end up falling through ice got there in ways over which they had no control or when they were trying to rescue someone or something that was already there, and so my apologies to those who have had this experience or have lost loved ones in this way. Here is the link to Rosson Reports for those who'd like to watch it. Hugs xoxoxo


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