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OzNotes And Inquiring Minds

Mehmet Oz had a good show on Friday, 1/27. 

It was about worry and anxiety and how they can be the symptom of low B12.

This was of great interest to me because, when I was in my 30's, I worried A LOT.  I would lie awake at night, worrying about anything and everything.  I was told all KINDS of things.  I was told that studies have shown that 99% of the things we worry about, never happen.  I was told to meditate, or to pray.  I was told by my MIL, "You could stop that worrying if you wanted to".  I never felt like she liked me very well and seemed like every time she opened her mouth, some jewel like that usually fell out.  I mean, I have to hand it to my MIL.  She lived a hard life and she made it through.  She was married at the age of 13 to a man who was old enough to be her father.  By the time she was 14, she was a mother.  She had 12 live births and 1 miscarriage.  So she made it clear she thought I was a whiner.  She didn't think much of my housekeeping skills, either.  That was back in the days when a lot of women didn't work outside the home, and those who did usually didn't have a spotless house if you just dropped in on them, uninvited and unexpected.

But anyway.

I really think that SOMEDAY, the first thing the doctor will do when you go to them for ANY reason, they will do a complete, and I mean COMPLETE analysis of your blood and urine, because they will have learned that almost every malady we deal with has its roots in nutrition.  We're not quite there yet, but they are beginning to learn that many, many things can be discovered if your blood is tested in the right way, including what vitamins you are deficient in.  I think it's expensive to have it done and that insurance won't pay for it.  They'd rather have you be ill for the rest of your life and pay for the expenses of just dealing with the side-effects.  Isn't that sad?  And no, a CBC, which stands for "Complete Blood Count", is not the same thing as a complete analysis.  Here is a link to WebMD's explanation of what a CBC is and what information it provides:

Here is the website of a blood testing lab that explains about the many ways in which the blood can be tested and tells the cost they charge for each test.  Here I should point out that I don't know anything about these people except for what's there on the website.  You'd want to talk to your doctor about how seriously the medical community would consider the test results and whether you'd be getting good value for your money.
There's a sidebar on the left that has other categories, such as comprehensive test panels and testing categories.

Now.  Back to the Oz show segment on B12 deficiency:

Dr. Oz asked six questions.  If you answered more than two or three with "yes", then you need to go ask your doctor to check your B12 levels.  Easier than that is just to start taking a B12 supplement (I think he said 25 to 100 mcg, sublingually, but check that out before you do) and see if you feel better.  Or better yet, you can do it nutritionally by eating more protein, including lean meats, eggs, fish, chicken, dairy.  Cranberries boost your rate of absorption (if you drink the juice, be sure to read the ingredients label on the back, most of it might be apple juice and therefore lots of fructose).  Antacids, alcohol, and some meds interfere with absorption.  He chewed up a cranberry, not enough information here as he didn't make clear whether one cranberry a day was enough or WHAT, but if one a day is all you need, not sure why you couldn't just cut a berry in fourths and swallow the pieces, like pills.  I think you might have to eat more than just one but I can't find any information on how many you SHOULD eat.  Wikihow says one pound of cranberries equals a quart of juice.  So if you think you should drink 8 oz (one cup) of juice a day that's a few more than one cranberry.  Oh, and I saw on WebMD that you shouldn't drink cranberry juice if you're taking Warfarin, just so you know. 

Here are the questions Dr. Oz asked:
Do you feel more sluggish than normal?
Do you feel dizzy or wobbly?
Are you forgetful?
Do you experience pins and needles or numbness?
Do you have digestive issues?
Do you have headaches more frequently than usual?

Here is a link to The Dr. Oz Show

And here is a link to the blog

He also had a segment on this same day about hair care and they mixed plain clay kitty litter with some other ingredients and painted it into the hair.  I've seen kitty litter mixed with water and used as a face mask and some people really like it.  You have to be really careful that you get the kind with nothing in it but bentonite clay.  No fragrance, deodorizers, etc.  Usually it's the really cheap stuff.  For sure you don't want the kind that clumps.  That's kind of funny to think about, though....  And for sure, I'd go outside and hose it off, or collect the rinse water in a bucket, because I'd think it would clog drains and maybe even create a problem in a septic tank.  If you let it dry on your hair, I don't see being able to brush it out without having a lot of hair breakage as a result, plus it might make a mess of your brush.  See, there just aren't enough details here.  But here's the recipe for the hair treatment:

While I was dinking around on the Oz Show website, I found a thing on anti-aging by Pina Logiudice, N.D., citing consuming brewer's yeast to make insulin more efficient, citrus (plus peel and pith) for reducing varicose veins, and black currants for thinning hair.  Of course there are supplements, respectively, GTF Chromium, 500 mcg once or twice a day, Herperidin, 50 mg, and Gamma linolinic acid (GLA), 500 mg twice a day.  Now I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, with this on the heels of the cranberry thing.  I'm feeling like they're saying, "yeah, you can get all this good stuff from food," but it's a LOT of food and some of it's kinda nasty.  So, who wouldn't opt for pill form?  It doesn't take very much before you're spending all your money on pills!  Ms. Logiudice's video is here:

Just about every show, Dr. Oz does a quick little blurb at the end, sometimes it's a helpful hint, such as how, if you're breast feeding, weigh the baby before and after so you can tell how much they're getting, things like that.  I thought that was a great idea, in fact.  I tried to breastfeed, and the baby kept falling asleep at the bar, so to speak.  Colic and fussy as hell ALLLLLLL the time.  I gave up, put her on formula.  She didn't like the bottle very well, either, but at least I knew how much she was getting.  Anyway, It was during one of these end-of-the-show blurbs that he mentioned that scientists have discovered a new organ in the body, called the Mesentery.  Here is the article from Times Magazine about that:

This reminds me of something else I learned when my daughter had gastric bypass surgery.  There is a layer of fat under the stomach called the Omentum, which, in normal-weight people, is thin like lace and holds things together like the mesentery does.  In cases where there is obesity, the omentum can become filled with fat, be extremely thick and it can be very hard to lose.  Here is more information about the omentum:
I wonder if the omentum is connected to the mesentery??  And that brings me to another question about something I read somewhere about the gut and how, when you are having constant digestive issues, it will form a sort of a "crust" on the inside lining and that this is what is evident when there is a "beer belly" that is firm to the touch.  Looks like the same place where the omentum is, to me.  It appears to hang like an apron and can be firm to the touch. 

There are many things to learn about our bodies, and the awesome miracles that they are.  Being healthy and attaining / maintaining a healthy weight is so much more complicated than just pushing away from the table.  I am still struggling, trying to get below 200 pounds.  I am up, down, up, down.  It's frustrating me.  Beginning to think that I need to focus on being healthy and eating right, and stay off the scales for awhile.

My kefir grains woke up just fine from their long stay in the freezer.  I'm having about a cup of kefir each day with a chopped banana and a spoon of homemade strawberry jam.  It's very much like yogurt that way.  The Kombucha, I'm still not sure about.  I mixed some blackberry juice, from the freezer, with some of the liquid I poured off, and according to information that I had, the extra sugar should be making it fizzy.  Nope.  But it seems to be making another "mushroom".  So.... not sure what's going on there.  At least, so far, no mold.

I hope this gets your wheels turning and gives you some stuff to think about.  Till next time, Rock On...  Hugs xoxoxo

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