Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just FYI

I had a little computer hiccup yesterday and I went to bed last night thinking what a headache it was going to have to be if I had to take the computer in for service.  That would mean they'd just wipe the hard-drive and reinstall from my recovery data that the service guys at Staples saved for me on a thumb storage device that I bought just for that purpose.  But that means reinstalling drivers and software and I was kind of on the dark side, if you know what I mean. 

What happened was, I got another one of those error messages that said, "GWXUX has stopped working".  I've had this before, and it doesn't seem to affect performance, at least as much as I expect for what I do on my computer.  I mean, if I were gaming or using some powerful piece of software it might've had some impact on me.  Not sure.  But there are a couple of little things it affects, and there's that annoying error message that keeps popping up.  I had done a search on the Internet and I knew that to stop the message, they say to delete KB3035583 and KB2952664 from your Installed Updates folder, and the folder named "GWX".  I've never found that GWX folder, and sometimes 3035583 is in the Installed Updates folder but not 2952664 and vice-versa.  But just uninstalling one or both of those two updates has always done the trick in the past, at least temporarily.  The problem is, it has to do with the upgrade to Windows10, which I don't want, anyway, and those updates that put that little Windows icon on my desktop tray and keep telling me I'd better hurry and upgrade because it won't be "free" forever, just reinstalls the next time I shut down for the day, anyway. 

But this time, when I was uninstalling those updates, something weird happened, and I think I got off on the wrong line and deleted something I shouldn't have.  So when I shut down, I got that normal, "Preparing to Configure" message in the center of the screen, and it sat there and sat there like that.  I went and took my bath and came back an hour later and it was still the same.  So even though the second sentence was "Do not shut down", I did.  And then I started back up, and got the same message in the center of the screen.  By then, it was bedtime.  So I shut down, and turned off the power.  This morning, I actually prayed that the computer would fix itself, and when I booted up, I had to choose whether to go in on Safe Mode or start Windows normally and while I was thinking about what to do, it went ahead and started Windows normally.  I had a message that said, "Applying update 114", and then Windows started and everything looked OK.  Should we ask God to make our computers fix themselves?  I don't know.  I know God delights in delighting us.  And I was delighted.

I am looking forward for the time when this upgrade is no longer "free", because then it can't force an upgrade unless I give it my credit card number and that ain't happenin', at least not anytime soon.  At least it has quit just announcing to me that the upgrade will be started in a certain number of hours or (yikes) minutes, and now gives me a box to check that says, "No thanks". 

I get a newsletter once a month from my Internet Service Provider and they reported in the latest one that a woman had sued Microsoft and won, and Microsoft had to pay her $10,000 for lost records and productivity because she ran a business out of her home.  Windows forced her computer to upgrade and then her computer crashed.  They say after July 29, all this crapola will go away, because that's when the upgrade will no longer be "free".  Bring it on, Baby....

But lest we feel too confident, we do need to remember how they forced us to go from XP to Windows7.  They just announced they were no longer "supporting" XP and we all got afraid to take our computers with XP platforms out onto the Internet.  That's when I bought a new computer with Windows7, and it was hard to find one by then that didn't have Windows 8, which was the dreaded version by that time.  OMG, I am getting so weary of this rapid-fire built-in obsolescence. 

It's a wild and crazy world out there, what with all the viruses, malware, and now ransomware that can get mysteriously installed on your computer.  And for that reason, I often consider getting totally off the Internet.  There'd be things about it I'd miss.  But I'd probably get more done.  Hubs and I know a few people who do not own a computer.  Some own those fancy cellphones that'll go on the Internet, but a few don't even do that, and never have.  I guess there are people now who don't remember ever not having the Internet, but I remember quite well how we lived without it.  We had phone conversations.  For those that calling meant we had to pay long-distance charges, we wrote letters.   We spent quality time (they call that "face-time", now) with our families and neighbors.  If we wanted to learn something, we asked someone that we thought would know.  Or we went to the library.  Remember the thesaurus, dictionary and encyclopedia?  Instead of sitting on our butts in front of a screen, we went places and had experiences.  Sometimes even adventures.  Hubs and I have talked about this often.  He isn't computer literate, but he's locked onto the TV screen like a new baby possum is onto.....     ......well, you know.  And he agrees with me, at least in theory, that we don't have enough adventures.  So we've been trying to change that.  And we've been trying to take more time to have actual conversations with people.  Everybody is interesting if you ask the right questions, and if you are alert, they kind of lead you into what the right questions are.  The thing is, I think people today are lonely for verbal interaction with other human beings.  I haven't been rejected once, in recent years, anytime that I've just walked up to someone and started talking to them.  Before you know it, we've made a connection on some level.  I've had people actually tell me their life story, once in awhile I've given a hug to someone who was, a few minutes earlier, a complete stranger, feeling so alone in their pain.  Some have brought tears to my eyes.  Or we've prayed together.  But most of the time, we've found something we can laugh about, and after a time, we walk away from each other with a smile on our faces.  Hubs used to get annoyed because I can't seem to go to a garage sale without ending up visiting with someone.  "WHY do you DO that?  They don't care..." he would say.  And you know what?  I don't care if they don't care.  If I walk away and we're both smiling or laughing, that's enough.  Because I care. 

I have often, in the past, pondered human existence and for what reason I am even here.  I'm not in a position to change the world or anything....  But if you ever wonder, I'd tell you to go outside and look around you.  Things in the plant and insect world seem to spring up out of nowhere when conditions are right.  It's one of those miracles that happens.  They have a clear purpose.  When plants self-seed, they germinate and grow together closely and they support each other till they're strong enough to grow on their own.  The healthiest and most persistent are the ones that survive.  They produce the next generation or seeds that do, and then they die because they have fulfilled their purpose.  Everything has its season.  Only God knows when our purpose has been fulfilled, so until then, we rock on, doing what we do.  You never know when something you have said will turn out to be the very thing someone needs to hear.  I read that Edgar Cayce said no person ever meets another "by accident".  Just as there are weeds, there will always be people who live to do damage to others and that is the hardest thing for me to understand.  I understand competition, but I do not understand hatred, though I think it comes out of insecurity and fear.  Just as the Mockingbird will tear up a Robin's nest and dump the young out onto the ground, so will there be destructive forces and death of the innocent, unless the Robins guard their nest vigilantly and chase the Mockingbird away.  I've seen big Mockingbirds being chased by little Bluebirds, even.  In their case, there is strength in numbers.

Oh, good grief, I have wandered off topic once again. 

Suffice it to say (though the ship for "sufficient" has already sailed), the computer is, at this moment, working normally.  I think.  But don't be surprised or think I'm ill if my blogging becomes increasingly less frequent.  I'd rather give up the Internet than to have my computer ruined, as I use it for garden notes, spread sheets, writing letters, and I have my cookbook stored on it, and I would be kind of lost without that capability.  Old secretaries never die.  They just get more secretive.  Or they tarry more.  Not sure.  Heh.

If any of you want me to have your mailing address and I don't already have it, you are welcome to put it in a Comment, if you want to.  Comment Moderation is still on, so those that contain mailing addresses will, of course, not be published.  Or, if you have my email address, you can email me with it.  I'm not saying I'd be any better at writing letters than I would be at blogging, but if one day I give up my Internet access, there are some of you I wouldn't want to totally lose contact with. 

Hugs to all, xoxoxo

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