Friday, May 6, 2016

Thoughts On Food Revolution

I've just finished listening to Day 6.  I've had a lot of trouble with their website.  Apparently the first day, they had so many people logged on that their server crashed.  They said they expected 20,000 people to participate and 80,000 showed up. 

Yesterday when I tried to listen to the replays, I had trouble with it locking up.  The time counter would stop and I was not longer able to back an interview up long enough to catch up in my note-taking.  I thought it might be me because I've never deleted my Temp documents, since I've had Windows 7 I didn't think I had a way but I found THIS website with clear instructions on how that's done, and WA-LA, it's almost exactly what I did with XP.  It's just that you have to do a search for "RUN" in the search box that comes up after clicking the START button. 

One caveat from me and that is, don't have anything open when you do this.  I had my notes document up, fortunately I'd started a new one because the one I was typing in was getting kind of long, and so it was only one page long.  But I had it open when I deleted temp files and it changed every letter in the document to a pound sign.   

In my case, deleting temp files did make my computer run faster, but it didn't help in viewing the replays.  So for the second day, how I got to them was I played the audio of the complete session, including all three interviews for the day with people's testimonials and the Robbins' advertising their DVD's in between.  Just click on the first audio and it will have a little button below the right of the viewing area that says, "View This on YouTube".  Click on that and when in YouTube you'll be able to use the slider to go past these things and on to the next interview, without any lockup trouble.  I had looked at the catalog on YouTube under FoodRevolution and I didn't see where this video was listed.  If you want to try, copy and paste this into your browser:  When I do it tomorrow, I'm going to compare the address to see if it's the same and whether they just overstore the new version, or if these videos are somehow kept from being listed on their channel catalog. 

I learned some things again today, once I was finally able to listen to the interviews.  In the interview with Dr. Michael Klaper, I learned that cows have been genetically modified to be lactating constantly.  Sounds like she doesn't even have to have a calf, but I don't know about that.  They didn't say.  This process shortens the cow's life considerably, to only about five years.  After that, they butcher her. 

Now, here is an interesting thing.  Our milk jug says, "No Hormones Added", which I think I mentioned earlier.  But that just means they don't add hormones TO THE MILK.  They don't have to because it's already there, from the cow, when they milk her.  Last night I heard an advertisement on TV and it said, "No ARTIFICIAL hormones are in our milk".  I thought for awhile that could be a more trusted statement.  But then I thought, "Why didn't they just say, "No hormones are in our milk"?  Yeah.  Anytime they qualify it like that, you have to wonder.  Of course the hormones are not artificial if they are cow hormones.  It didn't used to be that people were so affected by hormones in the milk back when milking was done in the right way.  For a cow to be producing milk under normal conditions, there have to be hormones in play, anyway, wouldn't you think?  So then we would have always had hormones in our milk.  But maybe we didn't have trouble with it because there was always a calf that was allowed to nurse first, and so maybe the "first milk" had more of the hormones in it than what was left for the farmer to milk when the calf was finished.  I don't know what the process is for genetically modifying a cow.  And I'm kind of scared to find out.  All I know is that one might easily conclude that in urging us to drink more milk, they might be genetically modifying US, too.

Do you buy milk that "Comes From Happy Cows"?  Well, guess what.  Those idyllic pictures of one or two cows in a big field are taken in New Zealand because the REAL "Happy Cows" never see a blade of grass.  Sad.  So sad.  What a bunch of liars. 

Dr. Klaper says that, even if you've been eating in an unhealthy way all your life, you can still see big reversals and healings within only a few weeks once you start eating right.  Michael Pollan says, "Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much.  Drink water when thirsty, be active, don't smoke, get enough sleep, have good relationships with your family and community, love."

And Rock On...  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. My cousins have a Dairy in New Zealand, they run their cattle on grass all the time. They visited us in 2008 and were horrified at the dairies here and the way the cattle were treated. They also said the milk here tasted oily and bitter. This is what taste buds used to grass based milk tasted when they drank our grain based milk.
    So many things are not what they seem. I know when I left home to go to work I had to buy milk, it was much different than the milk I was used to. Oh and another thing, plastic bottle for everything. Do you remember milk in glass bottles. Ralph and I found a dairy in Virginia that sold milk in glass bottles like it used to come in. It was wonderful milk and we actually drove by the farm that produced it. [There are Happy cows out there but you have to search.] If milk tastes so much better in glass which does not leach things into whats inside it, is the plastic container the milk comes in contaminating or changing the milk in some way?

    1. Fiona, you've got a good point there. Those milk jugs are some pretty flimsy stuff and I don't know if they've ever been tested for chemical off-gassing.

      I'm not surprised your cousins in New Zealand are horrified at how American factory farms treat their livestock. I'm horrified, too.


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