Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Food Revolution

I just wanted to reiterate that I'm getting a lot out of the daily presentations that are being offered on this symposium.  And to offer a few tips.  They've had some server problems, but that didn't affect me because I prefer to watch the replays that are available for 24 hours after the live presentations are over.  I have been taking notes by opening a word-processing document and I toggle back and forth between the internet and the document.  The recorded presentation can be paused or even backtracked if needed to aid in note-taking and I have needed to do that a lot.  But I feel like, though it takes more time that way, it is how I'm going to remember the key points. 

I've had a little trouble getting the next presentation to start when I've finished listening to the one before it, and that can be fixed by just refreshing the web page.  Just in case you didn't already figure that out for yourself. 

I haven't felt like they've been trying to sell me anything.  Of course they do offer the whole series of 28 interviews, and transcripts, for sale on DVD.  This is where they'll make their money.  Everybody that they interview has a website and that can be accessed because they put a link on the screen, and all those people are selling something, even if it's just a book.  I recommend that, if you see a book that you'd like to read, go on Amazon and see if you can buy it cheaper.  Very often, you can.  Very often if you go on YouTube and plug in the names of the people being interviewed, you can watch videos of them being interviewed by someone else, or passing on free information by posting a video directly. 

I'm three days into it, having listened to 9 interviews, and I have learned much. 

My biggest and most negative take-away from this is that we, the consumers of America, have been gang-raped by Big Chem.  Then after the food we've eaten has made us sick, we are told we're sick because we're fat, and we are then gang-raped by Big Pharma.  I am so tempted to write each major food producer and tell them how angry I am about what they have been doing to me and my fellow Americans, and yes, our entire country and it's economic stability (HUGE medical care costs, greatest in the world) in their chase for The Almighty Dollar.  Farmers have been convinced to contaminate the soil and water on their legacy family farms.  Only 5.5% of all the farm acreage in America is now pristine enough to grow organic.  Somebody ought to be sued, that's it in a nutshell.

There was one presentation where they were talking about how they have finally created a GMO food animal.  It is salmon.  At the present time, the eggs are being produced in Canada and then they are shipped to Panama before coming into the US.  They are having to be very careful that none of these salmon get into the waterways where wild salmon are because the females will more than likely choose the larger guys to breed with.  There is a 1/3 greater death incidence in the GMO offspring, which translates to the threat of salmon extinction in only 30 years.  They have created huge pigs, unable to walk, in order to get more meat by injecting them with human growth hormone.  They were trying to create chickens without legs.  I thought that was weird.  What difference would that make?  And it eliminates the drumstick!  Oh, maybe it was so the chicken couldn't run around and burn off all the calories of what they ate.  But they already keep the chickens in cages so isn't that what THAT does?  How inhumane can we be.  Quite a few years ago, I read about how goose liver is produced, which just points up how cruel people will be when there's more money in it.  On this website, they told how they force-fed their geese with turkey basters and when they were so fat they couldn't walk, they would kill the goose and harvest a liver that was three or four times larger than your average goose liver.  What came across was a sense of "that's how it's done".  Period.  Think about that the next time you have pate on a cracker. 

How is it that so many high-profile Americans and American businesses can do such shameful things and it is not considered a crime?

Another thing I found interesting is how GM, Mars, Hershey's, Mars and Kellogg's have taken notice, finally, and removed artificial flavors and colors from some of their products.  I raised a ADHD grandson.  I can tell you that if your kid goes out into the public at any time, it is virtually impossible to keep artificially flavored and/or colored foods out of his mouth.  I tried.  I failed. 

Do any of you have access to a Kroger grocery store?  They have a line of organic products called Simple Truth. 

The battle is not won, by any means.  GMO labeling information is still not available on a national scale.  It is having to be done state-by-state with state laws because our federal government is crippled by being bought and paid for by the chemical companies.  Some food producers are GMO labeling willingly.  It's not like they're being asked to reinvent the wheel.  They already have to do it now for 3 or 4 states in this country. 

How hard is it to reformulate so harmful chemicals are not in their products?  Again, not reinventing the wheel.  They already do it in the products they market outside of the US.  It's just that, now, every farmer that grows GMO is threatened with failure.  Will they EVER be able to grow NON-GMO, now that they've contaminated their soil?  Monsanto says they're "feeding the world", but they're not, because other countries don't want our GMO crap.  And I wonder, now that they've succeeded in contaminating so many farms, IS there a way back for America?  HOW will all that GMO grain be disposed of, after it gets so no one will buy it? 


  1. These food issues make me crazy not only from the perspective of a consumer but as a farmer.

    They are forcing out the small family farms....be aware. Think what will happen to our food supplies if is it owned wholly by the large conglomerates
    A current thing is happening in the diary industry. Prices are at a all-time low...cows are being sold by the l,000's. Just wait until a few companies own everything from the ground up......prices will be just what they want.

    I am too old to worry about it all. But I am beating them by producing almost everything we eat.

    I need to start reading labels again. I have become very lax in the last few years.

    1. Oh, Glenda, I hear you. We lived in Northern Indiana for ten years, between 1970 and 1980 and already the big corporations were buying up farmland there. Small farmers were losing their farms right and left because "Big Farm-uh" was running them out of business. Banks would come along and offer them loans for seed, livestock and implement buying, and then they'd have a bad year and the bank would repossess. So sad.

      I think if I had a farm I'd get certified organic, that's where the money's going to be, and I would grow everything we ate, even down to the wheat for our bread and the grain and hay for the livestock. Maybe I'd grow for restaurants and individuals.

      I don't know if it's still happening, but I remember, years ago, when the Government was actually paying farmers NOT to grow certain things. They said there was too much of the commodity on the market and it was driving the price down. What a conspiracy this all is. Find something people are dependent on, buy it all up, and then screw them over.

      It all keeps going back to "Soylent Green", doesn't it? that old movie has sadly become a prediction of what has been happening, in many ways, to us. And WE thought it was just Science Fiction.

      Feeding America? Bah! Change that first word to another word starting with "F" and that's it in a nutshell.

  2. Cargill has stood up to Monsanto which surprised me, they refused to buy some of Monsanto's newest GMO grains for seed because their(Cargill's) buyers overseas do not want it.
    As to dairy, after listening to these talks so far I am less enthused with dairy. I used to like milk but now if I drink store milk I feel horrible. The neighbors goat milk is fine. Ralph used to haul milk from factory dairy's when he drove Highway truck. He said one dairy had a man walking though the cows giving them shots to increase production. He also hauled milk that did not pass tests for blood in the milk....too much....it went to a company that turned it into powdered milk products.
    I am enjoying the Food Revolution Interviews too. I hope more people take a HARD look at their food and make better choices. There is a lot of lawn that could be gardened:)

    1. Fiona, those shots were probably hormones and they were in the milk for years. Parents noticed their kids growing faster and young girls were going thru puberty at younger and younger ages. It was the hormones they were getting in the milk. I looked on the milk jug in the refrigerator and it said, "No Hormones Added!" but you know, the way this is worded, it may not necessarily mean they've never given their cows hormones. It just means they haven't put any INTO THE MILK.

      Ewwwww!! I may never use powdered milk again. In fact, after today's interviews, I may not drink milk anymore. I have tried hard to find farmers around here that sell milk and so far have been unsuccessful. I like dairy products, was raised on them. Milk is an old habit for all of us.

      I share what I hear with Hubs every day and I hope this will make him more agreeable to making some changes. FoodBabe, in her interview yesterday, talked about how to make cashew milk and coconut milk, and it sounds surprisingly easy. I think I could get used to that in place of milk on my oatmeal. But, oh, I would SOOOO miss cheese.

    2. Canada has banned BGH [Bovine Growth Hormone] in their milk but the US still uses it. Ralph asked if thats what the shot was but it was not, they had already given the cows the BGH shot. A very nice young Mexican farm worker was happy to talk to someone who was interested in what he was doing.




      I think if "Real" cheese was so bad the French would all be dead!) They do however make cheese with milk from sheep, goats and cattle that are on grass pasture, it is made the old way and not forced like our food is, Everything is a rush here.

      I am researching french cheese and home made cheese from pastured goats or sheep.

      I so pleased I signed up for the food summit!


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