Friday, April 29, 2016

More On The Dangers Of Eating

I mentioned in a previous post about how it might be dangerous to consume too much kale, and I recently found THIS informative post by The Food Babe.  Her name is actually Vani Hari and she was one of the interviewees on last year's Food Summit that was hosted by Ocean and James Robbins.  Her website is well worth poking around in.  Some of her posts: 

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•Is Subway Real Food?

HERE is an hour plus YouTube interview done by Dr. Mercola with her as the interviewee.  I was surprised to learn that the Subway sandwich that most of us are confident is so good for us is just as bad for us as any other fast food.  It's the 9-grain bread, which has over 50 ingredients, and one of them is banned in Singapore.  The fine is $450,000 if you are caught using it!  Whew!  And their jalapeno peppers (probably the bell pepper slices, as well) have been dipped in petroleum-based dyes.  There are lots of other surprising things that you might want to know, so watch it and see if it doesn't bring other questions to your mind.  America is really missing a revenue opportunity here.  Make THESE things illegal, and rake in the fines. 

I also heard something during this interview that really HACKS.  ME.  OFF. 

You know, we have no Federal protection from unknowingly eating GMO food, because Monsanto has huge lobbying powers and they have our Federal government in their pocket.  We have to assume that anything made from corn or soy is automatically GMO.  It seems to be silently present in many processed food items and many fast food restaurants here.  The interesting thing is that GMO food is banned in many other countries, or at least they have laws that require disclosure.  So, because of that disclosure, and the fact that this will cause people from other countries to avoid the product, McDonald's uses sunflower oil in other countries rather than the GMO products they use here in the USA.  If they can do it there, what's so hard about doing it here, where they grew their business?  ~~~~FUME~~~~  If that isn't being a traitor to our country, I don't know what is.  Kraft also has a different "recipe" for products marketed in other countries.  I wouldn't be surprised to know that this is standard practice for all American food producers.  It's like I said much earlier.  No country needs to wage war on us.  We're killing ourselves.  Those who hate us, for whatever reasons, can save their military money and just sit back and watch the show. 

It's no wonder that our voters are so mad at their country's politicians that they are actually so dangerously close to giving the presidency to Donald Trump.  And who knows?  Maybe he'll be just what we need.  But I'm scared, I don't mind telling you.

The Food Revolution starts on April 30, if you're interested, the link to view their interviews is on the previous post, or you can go directly to if you prefer. 

If you go to that website you'll see where they are featuring Five Foods Your Kids Should Not Eat (Pop-tarts, highly colored fruit snacks -like gummy bears-, M&M's, Cheetos, Teddy Grahams are the things they list, but seriously, nearly everything they market to kids is full of artificial flavorings and colorings and other chemicals that you shouldn't let anywhere NEAR your kid). 

Also, if you watched the YouTube interview that I linked above, you will see that Dr. Mercola has posted interviews with many who are fighting for food safety.  I haven't viewed them all, but you can see his official YouTube channel HERE

God bless these people for all the work they are doing to increase our awareness about what has been going on behind our backs for all our lives.  I've said before, I was exposed to DDT as an infant, as my parents used it liberally.  It was marketed to them as the best thing since sliced bread.  They were even mad when it got so they couldn't get it anymore.  WHO made DDT?  Apparently, Monsanto.   

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  1. I was watching a cooking show with a very good chef....he was touting the merits of Canola oil. Canola is one of the very first GMO crops, even before corn. Cotton is GMO...yes your wearing it. Soybeans are GMO.
    A friends husband worked in a plant that processed Canola and made oils and margarine. He would NOT eat margarine or even have canola oil in the house!
    I am looking forward to the Food Revolution Summit and the arrival of our own food as our garden starts to produce.

    1. That just frosts my cookies about Canola oil. We were all duped. They said it was the "new" healthy oil, better than anything else! Truth was, it was just GMO rapeseed oil, which prior to that time had some industrial uses, produced in Canada. So for marketing purposes, its name was changed to CAN (for Canada), OLA (oil). It is illegal to use it in infant formulas. It causes blood platelet abnormalities, free radical damage, retards normal growth, and is a high cancer risk. But we all used a bunch of it till the truth came out and the producers of the product made a lot of money. They say dogs don't poop in their own yards, if they have the choice. I hate to think our government has less integrity than a dog.

  2. The lobbyists are lining the politicians pockets...that is why there is no control over what we eat, what we pay for pharms, insurance, you name it and their is a lobbyist waiting in the wings. The answer is pretty simple, we, the people, are electing idiots into office, year after year who care nothing for us or about us, only where their windfall is coming from.

    1. I agree, Marigene. We need some agency to protect us from all those agencies that are supposed to be protecting us. I don't think anyone who has altruistic intentions wants the job, frankly. I don't know what the answer is, unless it is to boycott, and sometimes that isn't possible. I just heard today that there's going to be a big increase in insurance premiums this year because the insurance companies are finding ObamaCare is running them into the red. And Big Pharma! Did you hear about that pharmaceutical company that jacked up the price of a drug to about 1000 times what they had been charging for it? Their top guy said they were doing no different than any other corporation would do. But pharma shouldn't be For Profit and certainly not For Profit Beyond One's Wildest Dreams.


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