Saturday, March 12, 2016

Heads Up

​​I seem to have the Windows 10 crap already loaded into my operating system and poised to upgrade.  There's no option provided to opt out.  I've done a few things to try to stop it and thought I'd sidestepped it, but apparently not.  My internet service provider representative was understanding, but unconcerned, and told me he knows of nothing I can do to stop it now.   It's more than just nagging me.  It pops up and tells me my new operating system will be installed within an hour.  There is an option to reschedule, but the longest period of delay time is only eight hours.  At that point I've been going into "Installed Updates" and deleting the file identified as KB3035583.  That prevents the installation, but when I shut down my computer, Microsoft puts the update back on my computer.  Then the next time I start up my computer, it becomes Groundhog Day.  Apparently this update activates the installation program and after that it's a done deal, so it's just a matter of time, really. 
I called Staples, where I bought the computer, and talked to one of the techs.  He said there was nothing I could do to stop the installation and I might as well let it do what it wants to and quit busting my chops delaying it.  He said he has WT on all the computers Staples is selling now and they haven't had any problems with them, and that if I have trouble with WT not installing right I can bring it to him and he'll fix it for free...  I'm not sure I can trust THAT, but it's what he said.  ​
I remember when XP first came out, everybody said don't install it, and I didn't, for a long time.  Then I got the grandsons each one of those little music downloaders that you can carry around with you and listen with ear buds, it looks like one of those little memory sticks except for that.  Plugs into your USB port.  And my computer wasn't compatible, so I upgraded to XP.  I had no problems and was real happy with XP for years. 

It's all over the internet, how bad Windows 10 is, but AARP had a piece in their monthly "magazine" that if your computer wants to install it, let it, because it has all kinds of added security stuff and is much safer to use.  And the guys that provide my internet access don't seem to be too concerned about it.  Hubs thinks I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.  He actually told me that. 

So, there you have it.  After I have Windows 10 instead of 7, I don't know what'll work and what won't.  I don't know if I'll be able to figure out how to use it right away.  I don't know if my peripherals will still be compatible.  Or even some of my software.  I used to be pretty good with the computer when I worked but I'm in over my head most of the time these days.  Maybe I'll be just fine.  And if I am, it'll be transparent to you.  Just wanted you all to be aware, in case it becomes a long time since I've put up a new post, that it'll probably be only my computer that's gone to take "The Big Dirt Nap", and not me. 
I've been meaning to turn Comment Moderation back on for awhile and I suppose this is as good a time as any for that.  At least, that way, if someone wants to send me an email address I don't already have, I'll see the Comment in my mailbox, and I can choose to Publish it or Delete it depending on whether it was meant to be public or private.  Of course, worst case scenario, I might not be able to get into my mailbox here at home and might have to use one of the computers at the library till I can get things figured out, and I probably won't be running into town for that every day. 
I'm absolutely sick of this crap, seems like once a year, I've got some kind of technical problem.  Even under the best scenario, I'm still faced with finding the time to learn a new operating system right when gardening season is gearing up.  Makes it hard to justify blogging, or even HAVING internet access.  Yeah, I know, you've heard me say this sort of thing before. 
I am trying, really hard, not to have a hissy fit.  It'll all work out however it's meant to.  I can live without The Internet.  Remember, I was born before people even had TELEVISION.  If the worst happens, it's not going to be The End Of My World.  It's just, I'll start pestering my local friends more (LOOK OUT, JUNE, SHERRY, AND ALL YOU LADIES AT THE WORKOUT CENTER!), because I'll be bored, and I'll miss my Internet friends.
I've still got the old XP and it hasn't been online for years (and won't be).  My FamilyTreeMaker software is on it, and I have some of my documents stored there and so on.  Mostly Hubs uses it for playing Solitaire and FreeCell.  I've put off buying new FamilyTreeMaker software for this computer that I have had now for one year and four months.  Now it appears it might be a good thing, since the new system would have probably made that incompatible, as well.  Oh for the Good Old Days when things were Made To Last.  This built-in obsolescence is happening far too often as far as I'm concerned. 
But OK, I'm trying to make the best of it.  Going to YouTube and watching WT Tutorials For Beginners.  GAG.  Y'all Rock on, anyway....  Hugs xoxoxo 


  1. Look up Linux Ubuntu.
    It is a FREE O/S that actually asks you if you want to upgrade...will let you decide not removes old stuff when it puts in new stuff so there is no bloatware. There are a lot of Linux based OS systems out there. Ralph uses Mint 17 and I use one of the old is 4 years old. We removed Microsoft completely from this Toshiba laptop when we bought it in 2012. I do not miss it at all. This old laptop is as fast now as when it was new!

  2. Ilene, I have heard so many people dissatisfied with Windows 10...I refuse to download it...anyway it is time to get a new laptop, the keys are worn out on mine, sticking all the time and it has slowed down quite a bit in the last few months. That annoying little box asking to download Windows 10 keeps popping up every day, but I keep ignoring it. Hope you have better luck than others with Windows 10.
    How are the babies doing?

  3. I have Windows 8 and have never been so happy since XP - I loved my old XP desktop. I get messages all the time about upgrading to Windows 10 but I've only just learned how 8 works so I just close them. I keep my XP machine as my LDS 1881 UK Census discs won't work on anything newer! Good luck and fingers crossed it all goes easily :-D

  4. To me there is a huge problem when a company practically forces you to download a product. I have read more negatives than positives with 10.


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