Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Go Fill Your Cup, I'm Chatty Today...

I'm a "THINKER".  Yeah, I bet you already knew that about me. 

I used to have things happen to me that just mystified me as to "why". 

Now that I'm older, I understand that all this mortal world is, is a training center.  If we don't learn something from each thing that happens to us, we are doomed to repeat it, over and over, till we learn what it is we are supposed to.  And if God REALLY, TRULY wants us to "get it", and when He's tired of waiting around while we bumble through, lost, He'll let the world knock us around a little bit till we do.

I always tell people who are going through difficult times, "say your prayers, be patient, watch for doors to open".  Unfortunately, I haven't always been very good at following my own advice, but as the years pass, I'm getting better at it.  Everything that happens to me sparks those initial responses that almost everyone has....  First it's, "WHY me??  WHAT have I done to deserve THIS???"  Then it's anger and wanting to DO something that's usually not going to turn out well.  Been there, done that.  It is at this point that, if I resist that impulse, something will happen that will bring to me a blessing.  Maybe it is that a "learning aid" will be presented to me.  Certain things will fall into place, or questions that had been eating at me will be answered, that sort of thing.  Or maybe He'll just bless me outright.  It's His call, afterall.....

It has been said of me by one of my critics, "Oh, that Ilene.  She always seems to land on her feet".  Mind you, this is not meant to be a compliment.  But if it is that I "always land on my feet", it is because I have learned to resist the temptation to "Fight Fire With Fire", so to speak. 

Hubs and I have a pretty good life together.  We're WAAAAY past the romance thing, but we are a good team.  We work well together most of the time.  We both try hard to be kind to one another.  Our marriage is like an old beat-up farm truck.  It's been mired down in mud up to it's axles, hailed on, stolen and taken on a joy-ride, even had a tree fall on it a time or two.  It looks like hell and sometimes it sputters.  It's tires still hit a chuckhole every now and then.  But it runs. 

Know what I mean? 

Within the last few years, Hubs and I have been presented with a "challenge" that has some roots from way in the past, one that has troubled me because I'm afraid someone we love is going to be hurt by it.  When you have destructive people involved, that's always how they hurt you.  They hurt someone you love.  And so it's been on my mind and heart for awhile.  I'm praying for protection for the one that's in danger of being hurt, and if you are a praying person, I'd be grateful if you'd pray for our loved one, that he will see the truth before he is hurt by the lies. 

Our workout center participates in a "Book Drive" several times a year, and it was there that I bought these books:

I generally steer myself to the "Christian", "Hobbies and Crafts" and "Self Help" categories.

And yeah, I know, I've said how I'm not really a fan of Dr. Oz, mostly because it seems to me he's always promoting something that's expensive and/or exotic on his show.  I really find it hard to believe he doesn't get some kind of an "endorsement fee" for what he does on his show, and sometimes it just feels like one long infomercial.  If the books get so I'm needing a pair of hip-boots to wade through them, I can stop reading, just as, when his show is on, I do have the option to just quit watching. Then I'll donate them back to where I got them.  And yes, in case you're wondering, I'd probably tell Dr. Oz to his face, if I got the chance, that I feel like his promoting certain things on his show is inappropriate, and feels like an endorsement, even though he SAYS he doesn't endorse ANY product.  I wish he'd mention alternatives to some of the products he introduces.  Gooseberries, for instance, compare favorably to Goji and Acai.  So do Blueberries and Cranberries.  They just don't sound as fancy.  Every country seems to have its own "superfood" that will grow there in abundance.  Doesn't seem right to be importing when we could be eating what's available in the country in which we live.  Sort of like that doctor that Cindy Crawford is promoting, she says he's isolated some fantastic skin-care chemical from a melon "grown ONLY in France", that looks decidedly like the lowly cantaloupe to me.  (Now, where did I put those hip-boots???)  I don't know if you've read the reviews written by people who've actually bought the product, but the ones I've seen aren't very good.

I've read the reviews on "Change Your Brain..." on Amazon and the reviewers say the book is nothing but an infomercial for Dr. Amen's line of vitamins, sold on his website.  I'm not much of a pill-taker, so if I get anything useful out of this book, it will have to be about something besides supplements.  Hubs and I used to take a lot of supplements and the only noticeable change was in our bank account.  You have to be so careful, these days, because people will lie to you if there's a dollar in it for them.  The liars are next to impossible to pick out, they're so convincing, so anytime anyone stands to make money on your buying something because they've recommended it, you always have to assume that they could just be taking advantage of you.  This is an ever-present thing in the diet industry.  Obese people are the most manipulated and exploited segment in society today. 

Get me off this soapbox please. 

I'm still in the middle of a book titled "Angels, Archangels, And The Unseen Forces" that is based on the readings of Edgar Cayce.  I have been finding some of the Edgar Cayce books incredibly hard to read and absorb.  But the Angels book is better written and I'm having an easier time with it.  And yes, I believe in angels.  Go ahead and laugh if you want to, I don't care.

I generally like to read one book at a time.  Not "changing horses in mid-stream", so to speak.  But Hubs had some program on TV one night that I wasn't very interested in and the Angels book was still in the truck.  So I picked up the book entitled "A Heart Like His: The Shaping of Character in the Choices of Life".  There are several books with this same basic title on Amazon, and I don't know anything about the others.  The author of this book is Rebecca Manley Pippert.  It's very interesting reading and only a few chapters into the book, I had "An Aha Moment".  After that I got so I just couldn't hardly put it down.  What makes it even better is that the previous owner of this book added notes at the end of each chapter with scripture locations and I've found it really rounds things out. 

You know, I wasn't raised in the church, and to this day, there are a lot of things I don't understand about God. 

But this book was a real blessing to me, and addressed some of the very issues I've been struggling with, as I have already mentioned in the earlier paragraphs of this post.  It deals with the story of David and King Saul and gets pretty deep into the Seven Deadly Sins as a result.

Go figure. 

Proverbs 6:16-19
“There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him:
haughty eyes,
a lying tongue,
hands that shed innocent blood,
a heart that devises wicked schemes,
feet that are quick to rush into evil,
a false witness who pours out lies
and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.“

So when someone hurts you, assassinates your character, or whatever, just give it to God.  Oh, yeah.  It's hard.  You want to shoe-polish obscene references on the passenger side of their car, and it gives you joy to imagine how, if you did that, they might drive all over town not knowing it's there.  You want to send them a box of chocolate-covered dog poo on Valentine's Day.  But don't do it.  Be strong.  God knows everybody's heart and He knows what everybody's true motives are.  You can't hide from, or lie to, God.  Search your heart.  If you find that you have committed a sin, then be repentant, obedient.  If God thinks you should apologize to someone, He will open the way for you to do that.  Otherwise, give the rest of it to Him.  If someone needs to be punished, He can do it like no mortal can.  You don't need to witness it or even know when, or if, He does it.  As my friend, Florida Jo, says, "Not my circus, not my monkeys".  Heh.  But your relationship with God IS your business.  If you pay attention to that, people who are your friends and loyal family members will see the situation for what it truly is.  Those who can't, were not your friends, and if they were family members, they obviously cared so little about you that losing their love and respect was not a loss.  Do not mourn the loss of that which you never had. 

And get this book.  It will be a blessing to you as it was for me.

I understand now that I should pray for those who have tried, and are trying, to bring evil into my life.  I don't want to.  But I will be obedient and do it.

Some people have to have someone to hate all the time.  They get so "stuck" in that hatred that it takes over their life.  I believe this is a family curse.  I watched my mother destroy herself in this way.  It's hard to feel compassion for someone like this, but after awhile you get so you see how the person they're damaging the most is themselves. Because eventually, everybody they care about sees through all that.  And yes, now that I think a little more about it, I CAN willingly pray for them, because I CAN find pity for them in my heart. 

And that's all I'm going to say about that. 

Are you being plagued by unwanted Windows 10 reminders on your computer?  HERE is information about how you can stop it.  Somehow I actually got the update program installed on my computer and it was all set to run that program TODAY.  YIKES!!!!  I managed to reschedule for eight hours away and then found out, on the website linked here, how to uninstall the update, which I did and everything seemed to go ok.  Hopefully I'll not hear anything more from Windows 10.  I don't have that Windows icon on my system tray anymore so that's a good sign.  I think.  I hope. 

I have heard from JR, and I think maybe they have been allowed to bring those babies home by now.  They were, when he updated me, waiting for the caffeine to work its way out of their systems so they could see how they did through the night without it before letting them come home.  It seems caffeine keeps their hearts beating regularly while they sleep.  Go figure.  There are so many layers of people between me and those babies, I'm sure it'll take awhile for me to be able to actually hold them, and I told JR I'd be patient, to let me know when it was OK and whether they'd come here or have us come there.  That's all I know about that. 

I haven't lost any weight for quite awhile now.  It seems like, since I've been going to the workout center, I have a bigger appetite.  Been thinking about what to do about that.  Garden season will be upon us soon and there'll be stuff to do outside.  That will help get me off the plateau, hopefully.  It may just be that this old body needs some time to recalibrate after having lost the 25 pounds of last year. 

My friend, Carole, who lives in Joplin, is now home from her hip surgery and is doing well.  I got an email from Florida Jo and she's feeling better, too.  I heard from Paula, still working hard, as usual.

We got some rain, not a lot, but enough to get us off the Red Flag Warning system.  Things are starting to green up, most of the fruit trees and bushes are in bloom.  Without smoke in the air, I can smell the fruit tree flowers when I go out the patio door.  The birds are all over the yard and garden, finding bugs and grubworms.  Hubs reports seeing a rabbit at about the same time every evening, running along the outside of our fence and stopping every few feet, trying to find an opening through which to enter and having to hop on without success.  We haven't seen one inside the yard for quite awhile now.  I thought I had a rat or a mouse in the raised bed outside the office door, I set a spring trap and found it sprung but empty the next morning.  From that point on, I've had no evidence of anything.  I can only think that maybe whatever it was, while not caught under the wire, might have been injured badly enough that it went off somewhere and died.  Oh, and I saw a young armadillo outside the gate a couple of mornings ago.

Hubs has The Redneck Golf Cart repaired and we took a ride around the neighborhood the other day.  Found some neighbors out and stopped to visit.  It seems the rat infestation has taken a toll on the dog population out here.  Some of our neighbors use D-Con and the problem with that is that the rat eats much more of it than it would take to kill it, then during the four to five days it takes for it to die, it travels into other areas and can get eaten by a dog, a cat, or a bird of prey.  Then the poison is in them, and they die.  I have used it myself, in certain situations, and I don't want to condemn anyone else for using D-Con but at the same time it's really heart-breaking to lose a pet.  Trapping has it's dangers, so you have to be careful with that, too.  But I much prefer that method and usually it works quicker and better than poison.  Rats can take your place over if you don't do something and they can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage by chewing on wiring and so on.  Plus they are so dirty and can carry disease. 

Well, the day is wearing on and there are things I need to get done today.  I'll have a garden post up in a few days, maybe. 

PS:  After I posted this, I noticed that this is my 222nd post on this blog.  I'm not into numerology, but, because it was a triple number, I was curious, so I looked it up.  This is what I found:
"The core meaning of the angel numbers 222, is that everything in your life is currently developing such as it should. Take your hands off the wheel at this point, as faith will guide you from here on out. Everything is determined (fated) and will turn out for the best. Negative thinking will not get you anywhere – keeping the positive energy flowing, and you will continue to see all your dreams and goals manifest themselves in reality. Have patience (which is, indeed, a virtue), trust, and courage. Your inner strength will carry you through thick and thin, as your life begins to unfold exactly as it is should."
That's good advice, even if this WASN'T Post #222.

Do be well, be happy.  And Rock On.  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. I enjoyed your chatty post. I pray that you will feel the love, peace and strength of Jesus flowing through and surrounding you as you go through this situation. Taking it to Jesus is the best thing to do.

    Glad you got some rain and that things are greening up there for you.

    Blessings on you dear Ilene ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you Lorraine, and blessings on you, as well. Hugs xoxoxo

  2. I enjoyed your post with varied subjects.

    1. Thank you Gail, I enjoyed my visit to your blog, as well!

  3. The title of this post is great!! Sometimes I need a chatty friend.
    The farmer and I are at a point in our lives where we will gradually need to depend on one another more and more. I've already taken on the role of his "hearing" help mate. And for whatever reason, he thinks I need to be "taken" to town instead of driving myself.
    You're right ~ rock on! and thanks for you nice comment about my quilt top.

    1. Oh, I hear you, Charlotte! I get to drive so rarely since he's retired that I worry about it sometimes. Hugs xoxoxo

  4. Praying with you that the relative who can be hurt is not and things will be resolved.

    Sounds like that '222' things fit right in with your thoughts on this message today.

    Thinking positive is a great way to live.

    1. Thank you Glenda. Yes, we can all be happier if we get our thoughts straightened out, can't we? Not sure how this situation is all going to play out. All I can do is pray and wait as when they are all adults they have to make their own decisions.... But God knows my heart, and theirs. Hugs xoxoxo


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