Sunday, January 24, 2016

Making Healthy Choices: Not As Easy As It Sounds

I don't know if any of you have been taking part in the symposium (or whatever it's called) on Better Gut Health.  I have been trying to, even though some of the presentations sound like those "infomercials" to me.  This is the world we live in now.  I admit I have been able to glean some helpful free information from all this, even though some of that which is suggested involves the buying of expensive special foods or other products that the presenter just happens to sell.  All the speakers have websites and I've made it a point to go there and look around.  HERE is Dr. Eric Zielinski's webpage on essential oils.  There are lots of vendors selling essential oils and it's hard to know which ones are better than the others.  Mountain Rose Herbs was recommended to me, quite a few years ago, and that's where I buy my essential oils.  They offer special prices on certain things each month, and shipping is free if your order reaches a certain dollar amount.  Good essential oils are not cheap, so it's usually an easy number for me to reach.  I cringe at the prices, but the oils last a long time and it's certainly not nearly as bad as paying $150 for a tube of prescribed skin ointment at the pharmacy.  I'm still stinging over that one.  If you sign up for Mountain Rose's newsletter, they'll email you every month what their special deals are, but that's all their newsletter is.  If you want information such that you'd ordinarily expect in a newsletter,  HERE is their blog, and HERE is their YouTube channel.

I'm having some trouble viewing some of the symposium offerings, sometimes it just shuts down right in the middle.  I e-mailed them and they say it's MY bandwidth, or MY computer speed, or MY version of Explorer.  *Sigh*.  There's not a lot to look at on the video part, anyway, so I have been choosing to listen to the audio version, and even that version has it's problems.  It won't let me "pause".  That's only a problem if the phone rings or something else happens to interrupt me.  Today they offered registration for getting into a drawing for a bunch of free prizes and I had trouble with that process, too. 

This is Wednesday, and on Friday I will take my last Minocycline capsules.  Oh, Happy Day!  I've had some things happen that make me suspect my innards are getting tired of the onslaught.  Yesterday I took a tip from Dr. Eric Zeilinski's presentation that I had just watched, and rubbed a little coconut oil with peppermint oil in it on my belly.  I had gathered and dried some peppermint last summer and so I made myself a big cup of peppermint tea with honey.  I felt better pretty quickly.  But there's that warning that says to avoid peppermint if you have perioral dermatitis so there ya go.  I'm still coping with "green tongue" and green-tinged teeth as best I can.  The roof of my mouth seems to be burning all the time now, and I'm concerned that this isn't very good for my teeth.  I had some problems with gastric reflux after retinal surgery last spring, which made the roof of my mouth burn, as well as my throat, and I read somewhere that the extra acid that's in the mouth all the time from this condition will damage tooth enamel.  I don't think I'm having reflux now, I believe this is a side-effect of the Minocycline because I didn't have it before I started taking it.  I've been to the pharmacy and looked at mouthwashes and toothpastes and I'm really annoyed that all of them contain fluoride.  I'm also annoyed that many of them have alcohol bases that leave a burning sensation in the mouth.  You know, I think it's possible for a mouthwash to still do what it's meant to do without that old Listerine Burn.  There were a few that, according to their labels, were supposed to be more "gentle" and were for "dry mouth", but they were in small bottles and had big prices.  Back in the 60's, we used to have an expression that went, "If It Feels Good, Do It".  Conversely, there's that old slapstick comedy where the doctor says, "Does it hurt when you do this?", and the patient says "Yes!"  So the doctor says, "...Then don't DO that."  And hands the patient his bill. 

So I went to my friends and mentors on YouTube and found a young woman HERE who has a recipe for a non-burning, comforting mouthwash that has some healing AND whitening properties.  Her recipe calls for Xylitol, with which I'm not familiar, it could certainly be left out if desired, but HERE is information on WebMD that says it has some cavity-prevention properties.  So, after a foray out into my community and an empty-handed return, I ordered a pound of it on Amazon for about $12.  I like to give local merchants a chance to compete, but I am disappointed so often that there's a very real temptation not to even bother with giving them that opportunity.  I suppose it's possible that Xylitol, like Fluoride, after we've used it for a lifetime (it's used by many as a sugar replacement), will turn out to have some harmful properties.  *Sigh*  If you go to YouTube and do a search, you will find information on how to cure cavities, including one by Dr. Axe, one of the participants of the "Gut Symposium" HERE.  And HERE is Dr. Axe's recipe for Remineralizing Toothpaste.

Today I discovered  There is so much to look at on this site.  But I warn you.  It might depress you because the bottom line is that if you live in the US, you will soon discover that it's not doing you much good to eliminate certain things from your diet, such as Floridated water, because you have to bathe in it, and we all know that human skin absorbs.  It seems like, once our government has decided to do something "for the common good", it's next to impossible to get them to stop, even after it's found out it does absolutely NO good, and in fact, does harm.  I happened upon iHealthTube when I watched THIS video about "Bad Bugs" -- germs in your mouth that contribute to tooth decay and get into your bloodstream.  THAT was something I didn't know.  Boy, if this won't convince us not to drink out of the same cup as someone else, I don't know what will.  I think we've all seen how some people, when it's made necessary to drink out of the same cup as someone else, will turn the cup to where the handle is, and drink from that side.  Which actually is the absolute WORST place to drink from a cup because people's HANDS have been there.  And if this Dr. David Kennedy, a dentist, knows what he's talking about, then these germs are "swimmers" and they'll be IN the liquid you drink and not on the drinking edge of the cup, anyway.  He has a YouTube channel HERE.  You might want to also watch "FluorideGate", which is the featured video on this channel.  If that doesn't get you thinking, probably nothing will.

I noticed Dr. Axe, one of the participants in the "Gut Summit" has A LOT of YouTube videos.  HERE is his YouTube channel page. 

One thing that I'm taking away from all this information that swirls around in my brain is this:  We've been raised in a polluted world.  Our soil, water and air are all far from pure.  All our lives we've taken in poisons from everywhere.  Just EVERYWHERE.  The foods we have consumed, since the cradle, if they haven't been polluted, have been "tinkered with".  We've been virtually nothing more than laboratory rats to Big Pharma.  So once you're old, like me, and your body has been contaminated so long, like mine, I just wonder if there's really any point in trying to find ways to live an uncontaminated life.  Or whether that's even possible.  It's a true miracle we live as long as we do, and we credit Big Pharma for their discoveries of medicinal cures, when in fact, it's probably their fault we got cancer or whatever, in the first place.  It's just all one big gerbil wheel.

Back before we had the Internet, we depended on our local doctors to diagnose the illnesses and conditions that we had.  But more and more, now, we just plug in our symptoms into our browser and we might get back several possible answers.  I don't think this is a bad thing, because the way things are right now, we can't get an immediate appointment with our doctor, anyway.  Doctors say self-diagnosis is a bad thing, because we don't have the education and experience they have.  I'm just an Old Redneck Woman, and I admit to not understanding a lot that goes around me, but seems like if we're reasonably intelligent, it shouldn't hurt sometimes, to self-diagnose.  If nothing else, we can do that while we pass the days we have to wait to get seen by the doctor.  We might manage to cure ourselves in that span of time and if we do, we can cancel our appointment and save some money.  Seems to me, when we do get into our doctor's exam room, all he/she does is guess, based on the information that we give them.  Sometimes they get it right, and we get better.  Other times, we go from doctor to doctor, trying to find somebody that will make that lucky guess.  And sometimes, though we are cured of the illness or condition that we had, we are sickened by the cure.  Meanwhile, we've paid a high price for those appointments and the prescribed drugs.  You know, lots of other places, you don't have to PAY for things that don't work.  So I don't see anything wrong with trying to self-diagnose.  At least it doesn't cost us anything.  We have the advantage over a doctor because we live in our bodies and we know what we feel like.  They think they have the advantage over us because they've had the education, but their education has had to be broad and so we have to wonder how much actual time they've spent learning specifically how to recognize and treat whatever malady it is we're suffering from.  I've had doctors actually be rude to me and ask me pointedly where I got my medical degree from and my retort to them would always be, "How long have you lived in my body?"  or, "How well do you know my child?"  Hmmmmpppphhhhh. 

Doctors used to prescribe antibiotics as the go-to for everything.  My sister's little boy had ear infections so often that she had a refillable prescription for his antibiotic and always kept the bottle of bubblegum-flavored drops in her refrigerator door.  So now certain types of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, at the very least, and actually have learned to feed off it, at the very worst.  Plus what we women used to complain about getting, after a round of antibiotics, has become something that is finally being paid attention to and now it's an accepted fact that antibiotics mess up your PH, which can encourage the growth of candida.  More recently it's been learned that they destroy the natural flora in your "gut", and they say this is serious stuff because if your "gut" is not healthy, neither are you.

I saw one presentation wherein the speaker said that babies are now born with antibiotic-immune candida, and that this is now a condition found in every child that is autistic.  This might dispel the belief we've been hearing about for years now that there is evidence that the inoculations given to babies within the first year of their life, while protecting the child from measles, diphtheria and whooping cough, may cause autism.  Many parents have decided to avoid the shots and take their chances.  And now school systems and daycare facilities are all up in their faces because their un-inoculated children are spreading these diseases amongst themselves.  Idly, I wonder who is wrong.  The un-inoculated children are only infecting each other, because those children who HAVE had their inoculations will be protected, right?  And so, this is just the result of parents having considered that NOT being autistic all your life is worth the risks, so every child that hasn't been inoculated has parents that have already made that decision.  Then some officials step in that say they have the best interests of the child and MAKES the parents have their children inoculated.  If then the child develops autism, I suppose those parents could sue those who made them have the inoculations given to their child.  But it wouldn't help the child, or them, much, really.  If it turns out that it's not the shots, but the antibiotics or having candida in the womb that causes autism, then that would take care of THAT conflict.  However, this habit of people getting excited and prematurely announcing that such-and-such MAY cause such-and-such, seems to be rampant in today's society.  I hate how they state so flatly that obesity causes this and that when it's probably that it's the chemicals in our food and the fact that obese people eat more of it.  I don't know how many times I've known them to have to back-track and say, well, eggs are not bad for you, they're good.  Coffee isn't bad for you, it's good. 

Everybody makes decisions like this for us, but are they really that much more qualified than we are?  I mean, we all laugh about the long list of prescription drug side-effects that have to be disclosed, and our doctor just brushes all that aside when we protest and says that, in all probability we won't experience any of them.  And in many cases, we won't.  But even if we do, of what consequence is that to the doctor?  Maybe the side-effects we experience will not be known until many years down the road.  Maybe our body will figure out some way to heal itself.  Or not.  But in any case, this doctor has made the decision that this is worth the risk.  For example, when I became menopausal, my family doctor strongly recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy.  I didn't want to do it, so I got a second opinion, and they concurred, and said I'd have all kinds of problems without HRT.  I'd be incontinent, and so on.  Well, I thought about it, and against their advice, I decided against it.  I am now 69 years old, and you know what?  I put up with the hot flashes and night sweats (aka "Power Surges") for quite awhile.  No, it didn't run me crazy (That ship's probably already sailed).  Then, some years later, a link was discovered between HRT and breast cancer. 

We've all known or heard of instances when people have eaten something that later is recalled, or taken a drug for a period of time and then it's been taken off the market, or they've been exposed to something in the air, soil or water and seen instances in their community of birth defects, cancers, and so on that end up being caused by that exposure.  If you think this doesn't happen, then I don't guess you watch the news or see those commercials that are made by attorneys.  Some people think that suing and getting a big settlement makes up for having to live the rest of your life a different person than that person you were made by God to be.  But my point is, aren't most people smart enough to make these decisions for themselves, instead of some doctor, who doesn't even know us very well, doesn't go home with us at the end of the day, and possibly doesn't even think about us at all after they've seen us because for sure they don't follow up with us to see how we're doing, except in some cases after they've performed surgery.  Or maybe it's that some branch of our government makes a decision "for the public good", such as the addition of fluoride and chloride into our water system, or exposing us to chemical weed-killers, hormones and fertilizers with every bite of food, and so on, and we don't know how many special interest groups have swayed their opinions or whether somebody's been "paid off".  Seems like everything comes down to The Almighty Dollar.  In most cases, the subject matter hasn't even been adequately studied.  So, then, obviously WE are the lab rats.

I'd be a lot less hacked off if our government would just publish the report, rather than arbitrarily putting a chemical in our water, maybe just make that available to us so that we could put it in our water if we wanted to, or sell us fluoridated bottled water.  Things are backwards the way they are, even if we buy un-fluoridated bottled water, or filtered water, we're still BATHEING in fluoride.  I guess maybe, under the right lighting conditions, that might make us all "glow".  Oh.  I guess that wouldn't be a good thing, either......  Maybe if we all holler loud enough, they'll come up with a neutralizer for fluoride.  At the current time, it seems the only way to remove fluoride from your water is to distill it, and that's not practical for bathwater.  But what am I saying, they'd just add ANOTHER chemical.  Wurra, wurra.

I saw on TV where there is a website now called "Doctor On Demand".  You can get an ap for it on your smartphone.  You get sick, fire this thing up, get a doctor on the screen, tell them your symptoms, pay by bank or credit card transaction and they transmit a prescription to your pharmacy or whatever.  Maybe eventually they'll send pills to your door by drone.  Botta Bing.  I don't know what it costs.  Probably they've inflated the cost enough so that it rivals what you'd pay your local doctor.  But the advantage here is convenience.  No more taking off work to sit in a waiting room with other sick people, for an hour past your appointment time.  If you're already at home, in bed, in your jammies, no getting dressed and braving whatever weather and traffic is outside, or infecting other people with your 104º strep-throat temperature or bad cough or whatever it is you've got.  I can see how it would be useful.  Somebody's making a bundle and they're expecting you to be putting such a high value on the convenience that you won't mind.  But here we have a total stranger making a decision about our care, based on what we tell them.  So what you're doing, then, is just going through all the motions for the prescription. 

Well, I've been on that soapbox long enough and I'm about as tired of the topic as I bet you are now.

Some guy that calls himself "Shaun T." has a new TV show called "My Diet Is Better Than Yours".  *Groan*.  I haven't watched the show, but I've seen the promos.  And here again, we've got people training like they're going into the Marine Corps.  That's ok if they're prepared to keep all this up once they've lost their weight, but really, I can't see that they will.  I suppose there's an entertainment factor somewhere in there but I just can't be entertained by all that. 

This is now Sunday.

I've been off the Minocycline for one full day and already I'm starting to feel better.  Last night I sprayed my toothbrush with peroxide and then dipped it in baking soda and brushed my teeth and tongue.  Things are looking and feeling much better in there already.  I will weigh myself Monday and I sure hope I will see that I've lost the three pounds I gained overnight four days ago.  Suffice it to say that the goal I set for myself by this date went un-met.  Oh, well.  Keep on keepin' on.  These things happen.

I don't know if this falls into the present topic, but on the Down To Earth Simple Living forum, someone posted a bathtub / shower scrub recipe that is the first one I've tried that really works.  It is simply one cup of distilled vinegar, heated with one tablespoon of cornstarch until the mixture thickens and turns clear, to which one tablespoon of liquid dish-detergent is added (I used Dawn, but I bet pure Castile liquid soap would work, too).  I have a Fiberglas tub AND shower and they are both really difficult to clean.  I made my first batch last night and cleaned my tub.  OMG, so clean, fast, and easy.  I think it is that the cornstarch makes the mixture kind of slippery and this works better to dislodge stubborn soap deposits.  It also keeps the vinegar ON the surface being cleaned, rather than dripping off, so you can actually leave it on for a little while, if you want.  Vinegar is a natural germ-killer and I use it full-strength in a spray bottle for cleaning my counters in the kitchen.  None of the ingredients will do any damage to your skin whatsoever, at least according to current information.  Sheesh.  So you could actually bathe in the water while you are rinsing the cleaner off.  The link to the forum is HERE.  I usually keep mine on "Recently Updated Posts" so it will show me what's new.  You do have to register to be able to post, but it doesn't open you up to unsolicited mail, and the nice thing is that you get to have conversations with people all over the world.  I enjoy getting to know people from other countries.  Afterall, my great-grandfather, William Serl(s) came from England.  My great-great-grandmother, Virginia Almira Sallee, had parents who came to America from France.  My Hufford family came from Germany.  I think I have some Scot or Irish blood in there somewhere.  Somebody said they thought the Hufford family might have actually originated in Russia.  I don't know where ALL my ancestors came from, but really, anything is possible, by the time you're a 9th generation American.  I'm A Little Melting-Pot.  Heh.  But anyway, everybody on the forum is friendly, we are all representing our countries to each other in a responsible, understanding and respectful way, and we almost always find we have a lot in common.  Believe me, I've been on some forums where fellow Americans will tear each other apart just for giggles.  Something about how much easier it is to bully someone who isn't standing right in front of you and can't smash you in the nose, I think.  It's painful to observe, so I don't hang around when I see that happening.

Rhonda Jean, who writes the Down To Earth blog, linked this Ralph Moyer interview with Wendell Berry.  It's quite good, and appropriate to this post.  HERE is that interview, in case you haven't seen it before.  And with that, I will leave you for this time.  I sure hope everyone's well and safe, and living your best life.  Hugs xoxoxo

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  1. You're right, Ilene, it is very difficult to avoid the chemicals in everything. We've eliminated all we can, and are healthier for it. Thank you for sharing this. Fern


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