Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daily Doin's, Last Days of January, 2016

This is Monday, we just got home from our workout at The Fitness Center and I am, as I'm supposed to be, tired.  Usually I sit on the benches by the reception center and wait for Hubs, and so I get a little rest before we head home.  But Hubs was ready to go home earlier than usual today.  It isn't that he works out longer than I do.  It's that he goes to the break room, pours himself a cup of coffee, and sits down with about eight to fifteen other people who assemble there to visit.  I've tried it, but all that joshing around some of the men like to do encourages me to be someone I don't like very well.  I'm ashamed to say that at first I even joined in with the joshing a few times, trying to "fit in", I guess, and as I thought about it later, I was ashamed of my behavior.  It reminded me of how my birth family insulted and belittled each other while pretending that it was all in fun.  They were not above ganging up on someone, and they knew how to really pour it on, so by the time they were done, their target had hurt feelings and/or was totally embarrassed.  Most of the time I have no patience with wolf-pack behavior like that.  But this time I felt like I'd gotten sucked in and I had to apologize to Hubs for a couple of things I said.  I would've taken a good tongue-lashing like a Real Redneck Woman if he'd needed to do it, but he said he understood.  And so I avoid those guys because I just feel like they bring out the worst in me.  And yes, people say, "Hey, we wouldn't kid you if we didn't like you...."  Oh, yeah, right.  Don't think I don't know how it works.  It's just so easy to say, in jest, that which you haven't got the nerve to say with a straight face and accept the consequences of what you said.  Recognizing, of course, that you ain't perfect, yourself.  So I learned my lesson and that's all I'm going to say about that. 

We went to Church on Sunday and it was nice.  The message was, "Don't worry, God's Still Alive And He's Still In Charge".  I really like Pastor Dale and his wife, Donna.  They just seem so.... centered

It should be pointed out here that yes, I guess if you read this blog you pretty much know what our schedule is like.  But not to worry.  First off, we don't always stay "on schedule".  And then there's the fact that we all watch out for each other out here.  Someone's always around that knows if there's a car driving around that doesn't belong here.  We also have a Deputy Sheriff who lives in our neighborhood, and he makes the rounds every day, so he knows what looks "normal" and what doesn't.  Some of our neighbors are hunters.  'Nuff said about THAT.  We all know who drives what, and so do the neighborhood dogs.  And many of us can see a car coming in from about a mile away.  After you've lived here for awhile, you even get so you know what the different cars sound like. 

Gosh, it's already a week later now, and the last day of the month.  We went to late service today, as the church had a potluck dinner after the last service.  I made a big macaroni salad, with tomatoes, broccoli, onion, cucumber and peas -- a mayo dressing.  I love macaroni salad, there were three different kinds on the table this time, along with roast beef, potatoes and carrots, seasoned green beans, two different pots of chicken and noodles, a pan of Kentucky Fried Chicken, sliced pork roast, some devilled eggs, several Jell-O salads and a green salad.  Methodists love to eat, it's said.  I'd forgotten how heavy they hit the dessert table.  Hubs also.  Next time I'll bring dessert AND another dish, too.  We had a nice time and got to talk with several people we hadn't seen in awhile.  Pastor Dale did a good job with the sermon, as well.    

My order from Amazon arrived and yesterday I put the sprouted seeds into the rock wool and had enough for seven jars of spinach.  The seeds were sprouted in a coffee filter, because at the time I hadn't seen the hydroponic experiment.  By the time my supplies got here they were already were too far along to work with easily and I actually broke a couple of them.  I have more seed and can drop one in to replace the ones that don't make it.  It'll probably take a couple of days to know.  I've already replaced two that died overnight.  The young woman who did the YouTube on how to do this (it's linked on my last garden-related post) sprouted her seeds in the rock wool as they sat in a tray but I don't know why they wouldn't sprout ok right where they're supposed to grow, thus eliminating a step.  Another thing that I did different than she did was that I slipped old, dark-colored dress sox over the jars instead of wrapping the jars in paper to block out the light and thus avoid the growth of algae.  Like she said, the jars can be painted, but they're canning jars so if you paint them you probably shouldn't use them for canning after that.

That round thing in the bottom left corner of the picture is a pot in which some Rocky Top Mix lettuce seed has been sown.  I will keep it covered till the seedlings begin to emerge.  At last year's Garden Club plant sale, one of the members was selling "Salad Bowls", which were just roundish pots of mixed greens, and they said it was "Cut and come again".  I thought at the time how nice this would be to have going in the house in winter.  According to several sources, lettuce and spinach will grow reasonably well even where there isn't a lot of available light, and I'm counting on that.  There just aren't many windows in this house and I have found that to be a mixed blessing.

Hubs and I went to three sales on Saturday.  One was an estate sale, one was a moving sale, and one was just a garage sale.  At the estate sale, there was so much stuff that Hubs and I both got overwhelmed and didn't find anything we wanted to buy.  Hubs told me he picked up a couple of things, then asked himself if he really needed it, and ended up putting it down.  He asks ME this question so much that I've gotten a little sensitive to it, and so I kind of smiled to think of him actually asking HIMSELF.  I considered asking him, "How does it FEEL?" but decided not to.  Heh.  I thought their prices were high, and they had already run the sale on the previous Saturday, so I think the numbers of people there were repeat visitors because it's customary to go half-price on the second sale day.  That didn't happen and a lot of people were leaving without buying anything.  We didn't find anything we wanted at the other two sales, either, but it was not a wasted morning because Hubs discovered a man running a little welding shop at the last sale, and he told him about a weld that broke on our tiller.  The man said he probably wouldn't charge more than $5 to put on a new weld.  Since the welding shop where Hubs had been the welder for so many years has changed hands, they don't do the small stuff.  Up till now, there was only one other local welding shop that Hubs knew of, and they have a $50 minimum.  Apparently this man has been welding out of his little home-based shop for twenty-five years.  Don't that beat all. 

I'm still reading my Edgar Cayce books and am struggling.  They are very hard to read and I'm not getting as much out of them as I expected.  I guess I'm no different than the average American in that when I read something I don't think it's a good book unless I have had a hard time wanting to put it down.  I find myself HAVING to put these books down because I just need a break.  Maybe there are many of you out there who scoff at what is often referred to as "non-traditional beliefs", but I really think we are not as open to possibilities as we should be.  I think I have said before that I do not belittle anyone's choice of beliefs, as long as following those beliefs make them a kinder, gentler person than they might have been otherwise.  I remember, as a young adult, I and my peers often sat around trying to figure out what our purpose in "being" was.  Now that I'm much older now, I believe we're here to learn, to procreate the next generation, to leave the world we live in a better place than it was when we came into it, even if only a little, and to mentor, not only our own children, but anybody we come across that needs it.  Edgar Cayce said that the message of the bible is "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself", and that all the rest of the bible is in support of that statement.

Last night we watched a fascinating program on PBS about some of the castles that exist in England and Scotland.  It was so very interesting to see the castles and hear about the people who lived in them.  Especially touching was the story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Later on I found a website that told about how she micro-managed her grown children's lives and that reminded me so much of my own mother.  When your children grow up, you just have to accept that your job is done, and let them find their own way and make their own mistakes, as hard as that is to watch, or they will just learn to resent you. 

We saw a castle that had had the roof removed, I believe it was the Buchanan castle in Scotland, quite large and obviously once quite beautiful, with a stairway still in place, very similar to another castle not far away done by the same builder.  I thought how awesomely beautiful it was, even in ruins, and how sad it was that it was in that condition. 

This morning there was a piece about "Sing Me A Story" on The Today Show.  I can't find very much about it on the internet.  But this was about a young girl who wrote a story about a dog at the pound, and the people of "Sing Me A Story" saw it and put it to music, then they sang it to her.  I think the title was "Today Is My Day", because that was sung at least twice at the beginning of the chorus.  I would've liked to have heard the whole song.  I found their website HERE, looked, and didn't find anything that might be it.  I'll check back every now and then, and post the link here if I can find it later. 

Hubs has the TV on, every waking moment.  He even used to go outside, leaving it to drone on and on, till he was to come back in.  I've griped at him so much about that, that he's good about turning it off if he has something to do outside now.  Having the TV on all the time makes me really grumpy anyway.  When I'm working in the kitchen, I can't even have the radio on, because it interferes with him being able to hear his TV.  Sheesh.  I guess I need to look into a small radio that I can carry around in my pocket and wear earbuds to listen to it. 

If this house wasn't big enough to allow me a separate space to hang out in I think I might go right out of my mind, some days.  As it is, sometimes the laugh track, or the sounds of horses and six-guns firing, or the sounds of motors and screaming brakes carries to me wherever I am and I feel blessed to have a door I can close.  But now and then, as I walk through "his area" to fill my coffee cup, or some other reason, I'll catch a glimpse of something I think is interesting and will stay up there for awhile to see what it's about.  Sometimes if he has something showing that he thinks I'll be interested in, he'll tell me about it, and I'll come up to watch with him.  At least I haven't caught him watching those R-rated things in a long time now.  Try having one of those on the TV when the pastor comes to visit.  If that isn't embarrassing, I don't know what is. 

I keep campaigning to discontinue our relationship with Dish Network.  At least we are able to hook up our TVs to the antenna that's in the attic, and I really like the programming that's available.  That was all I could watch when I was down in the office recuperating from surgery, and I didn't miss Dish A-TALL.  If we didn't have that antenna, I'd try out those things they've been advertising on TV that fasten to the back of the television to give access to "free TV".  I think I might have an easier time getting Hubs to be agreeable about getting rid of Dish Network if they didn't open up some of the movie channels for free on certain weekends. 

Oh, I know, I should count myself lucky.  He doesn't have a drinking problem, which runs in his family.  He doesn't chase women, though sometimes he's a little too friendly and has, in the past, given certain predatory women the wrong idea.  He had eight sisters and he's comfortable around women, and I understand that.  He's not abusive, though sometimes he patronizes me in public, which means that my alter-ego, The Ugly Troll That Lives Under The Bridge, is awake all the way home in the truck.  OMG, one time, in Walmart, he was dragging me around by the hand and talking to me like I was a stroke victim, or otherwise impaired.  I couldn't go down an aisle to look for something without him physically turning me and making me go down a different one, which always resulted in getting me where I wanted to go, but so would the route I had started to take.  SHEESH!!!!  I guess it might've been funny if I'd put on a big act about being disabled, in front of all those people that were already LOOKING at us, which is something my daughter used to do to JR and JC, as teenagers, when they'd wander off from her in the store.  When she found where they were, she'd limp up to them and say, with her tongue sticking out, "I was LOST!  WHY did you RUN AWAY from me?"  People walking around them would give the boys SUCH dirty looks.  Heh.

Well, I just haven't had much to talk about this time, and pretty much just ended up gas-bagging it, unfortunately.  I'm grateful that you are all so very patient with me at times like this.  I will get this published and maybe the next post will be better.  No promises, though. 

I hope you all are staying safe and well, and will it be better, here in the US, when all this presidential campaign posturing will be over???  (Maybe NOT....)  Hang in there, take it one step at a time, and above all, Rock on.  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. I know all about the TV being on ALL the time the farmer is inside! It has to be on during every meal, first thing in the morning, and even while he sleeps in the recliner. He doesn't hear well and I have to be a voice for many things. And what frustrates me most is the pause button while he waits for an advertisement to be finished. When he goes to sleep, then I can get the remote out of his hands and watch something I like, which is getting more difficult on Dish; I've grown to like programs like Barnwood Builders, Texas Flip and Move, Tiny House Nation, even Hoarders!!! :) But at least he's here with me; I'm thankful!! Rock On....

  2. I can relate to your adventure with the group thing....I used to try to fit and like you I did not really like the me they seemed to bring out. What is it about men and background noise anyway....Ralph has got to have his computer on the minute he comes in. I can go ages with no noise but the chickens on the deck!

    1. I really enjoyed finding out what it was like to have chickens, I loved how they "talked to each other" while they dug around looking for worms and bug larvae. Didn't much care for the way they always wanted to be in my herb garden, though, and all the damage they did while there, so I'd try to barricade them out, and then I'd go out the back doors and find them all settled in on the patio and looking at me like, "WHAT's YOUR problem??" Heh.


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