Saturday, June 20, 2015

Daily Doin's, Third Week Of June, 2015

Monday, 6/15
A little smattering of rain, early morning.  71º and humid at 8:30, 70% rain forecast for after 10am, thunderstorms likely. 

I planted two rows of Purple Hull Pink Eye southern peas yesterday and needed 15 more beans to finish out the last row, so planted them this morning.  Also replanted beans in the Provider row that came up so spotty.   I always keep my peas and beans damp in a wet paper towel for about 24 hours before I plant them.  Seems to give them a jump-start, and I'd like these to be coming up by the time the rain stops.  All the plants that have not yet been set out are sitting in water again this morning.  So I found a spot in the garden for about 18 more pepper plants, not the most ideal as it was just established a year ago, and the leaves and wood chips I used then for filler have not fully broken down, but it's still better than letting them sit in those little cups till they die.  Not sure whether those are red cheese or Jalapeno, but I'm not planning on saving seed from any of them, or from the tomato plants that I had to find extra places for.  I have better ones that are planted in groups that will be more likely to give me seed that hasn't crossed.  When I start my seeds in the winter, I always grow extra, in case I lose some.  It's better to have too many than too few.  And I have been growing some extra to give to Kylie, but I think really he prefers to buy his, and that's ok, sometimes mine look pretty bad before they get set out and I can understand why he'd rather set out plants that look better than mine.  It is a fact that stressed plants send out some kind of signal that draws the insects.  So I probably will try to find other ways to show Kylie how much I appreciate him and all his wood chips.

Of course I had to tear out grass and bindweed, before I could plant the peppers.  That just leaves one tray of assorted peppers, about six tomato plants and quite a few 32-oz plastic soft-drink cups with a bush cherry seedling in each one that has to go someplace.  I think I can keep the cherry seedlings going till the fence has been redone.

Jeff stopped in a few days ago and said his workers would start on our fence on what will be next week, now.  We talked about the part of the job that we had decided we could to do ourselves, which is the taking down of the fence that is between the yard and the garden, and Hubs agreed to make the gates.  There's no point in paying someone to do stuff you are able to do yourself.  With a fence around the yard that's as good as the garden fence, there's really no point in having a fence between the yard and the garden.  We won't have to have so many gates to open and close, we can drag the hose out to the garden easier, and the walk to the garden will be "as the crow flies", so to speak.  I want to take the old chain link down and leave the posts where they are.  They can then serve as bird house posts.  So Jeff remeasured and then stopped back by the next day with an estimate, finally.  I told Hubs that it seemed like he was starting our job a little early, it being that estimated start date for our job was seven to ten weeks out when he came to estimate the job, and it rained all of last month except for nine days, very few of which were together, so I don't imagine he was able to work much at all then.  I wondered if it had been that some of the others got tired of waiting for their estimate and either decided not to do it, or gave the job to someone else who could quote their job faster.  Hubs said he wondered that, too.  We've never waited so long for an estimate before.  But he hasn't owned this business for very long.  Maybe he'll improve with experience, maybe he'll fail.  Time will tell.  We like him, and we hope he succeeds.  He is employing the same crew that put up our garden fence and we have been well pleased with that, so I think we're safe as far as quality of the job is concerned.  Now that it's started raining again we don't really expect him to start next week.  It won't be convenient for us that week, anyway.

It started to rain about 2pm.  I noticed the Artemesia "Sweet Annie" that I had drying on a tomato cage in the house was dry enough to pack away.

I like the smell of "Sweet Annie" best over all the Artemesias I've grown so far.  I used Mugwort Artemesia the last time I made liniment.  The liniment smells very medicinal, which is ok, but I might try Sweet Annie instead of Mugwort next time.  It has some anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties and has, in the past, been given internally to reduce fever and to fight malaria.  I don't know if I'd use any of the Artemesia family internally, personally.

This is what Sweet Annie looks like when it's growing.  I enjoy the scent when I brush up against it.  This was a gift from the birds that I have kept going for a couple of years.  I only recognized it because I grew it at The Ponca House several years ago.  This year there was quite a lot of it in the garden and I actually had to pull some plants out.  That's what I hung on the tomato cage to dry.  This is not the best place for it to grow and I intended to plant it where it can grow along the fence but I didn't get around to it.  It can become quite tall.

Been doing a little research, and I think what killed off my lettuce was flea beetles.  They are bitty insects, about the size of fruit flies.  They overwinter in undisturbed soil.  Now they are in the last planter I had in the house and have eaten most of the lettuce in it.  So I sprayed with Neem, and dumped the other planters out into big pans and then baked the soil at 350º for an hour.  And now I'm beginning to wonder if those are flea beetles and not fruit flies that I have in the kitchen so thick that I can no longer keep the little compost bucket inside.  I tried a strip of yellow sticky stuff and they totally ignored that.
Finally got them out of the house by inverting an open one-gallon plastic bag over a container with kitchen scraps in it.  The fruit flies, or whatever they are, manage to get in and they try to get out by going up.  So when I see a lot of activity in the bag, I just smoosh the bag against the sides of the compost bucket and carry the whole she-bang outside and dump into the compost bucket.  It's just pointless to try to kill them.  It is not the meek that will inherit the earth, unless "the meek" was a Biblical term for insects.  My mature lettuces are still out in the sweet potato bed, making seed.  I hope they "git'er done" before the sweet potato vines start to take over. 

I went to the pantry and picked out about ten medium-to-small potatoes, of each kind, today, put them in a brown paper lunch bag and placed the two bags in the crisper of my refrigerator.  Sleep, Baby, sleep, till August.  This officially starts The Summer Potato Experiment.  As a control, I will also plant a few potatoes that were not exposed to the cold of the refrigerator.

On Saturday I made a hamburger and macaroni dish, similar to Hamburger Helper, and we had that with home-canned green beans.  On Sunday I cooked a couple of slices of boneless pork tenderloin.  After they were done, I used what little pork fat was in the pan to cook those bitty boiled new potatoes, which I didn't peel but sliced in half so's they'd brown on the cut side, along with some winter onion from the freezer.  After they browned I added a one-pint container of frozen broccoli and some whole-wheat breadcrumbs, seasoned with a little squirt of lemon and a couple sprinkles of Parmesan cheese.  It was pretty good, and made that dish our vegetable AND starch.  I love those one-pot dishes.  So today we're having leftovers, and I will also braise some fresh cabbage in butter just as an extra veggie treat.   When we eat leftovers, I like to have at least something that's "new".  It makes the meal more interesting.

Those of you who know me well know my wheels are always turning.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how we do so many things in this country that are just not worth doing.  Maybe they made sense at one time, and maybe they never did.  One of those things is the city zoo.  Oh, I know a lot of people would argue and say that we learn so much from animals in the zoo but do we really?  Maybe they act a lot different in captivity.  How would YOU like it if somebody came to your natural habitat, took you prisoner, and you lived in a cage with others that they chose for you to live with, while more of their kind came around to just gawk at you.  Oh.  I forgot.  That's kind of already been done, hasn't it?  But really, let's leave the wild animals where they are: in the wild.   God gave human beings dominion over the animals of the earth, but I don't think zoos were quite what He had in mind.

This is a little thing that's not worth doing and in fact they're finding lots of people are having their Circadian Rhythm upset by it and that's bad for their health.  I'm speaking about "Daylight Savings Time".  My personal opinion about it is that it's a Pain In The A$$.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have appointments and such with The Rest Of The World, I'd ignore the damned thing.  I'd be like a broken clock.  Not ALWAYS wrong.  But eventually I wouldn't know whether I was off an hour or not and to tell the truth, I don't know right now WHICH is the correct time.  I guess today when it gets to be noon, I'll go outside and see if the sun is straight up.

I'm always confused about drugs.  It seems like the peace-keepers in our society could do so many more worthwhile things other than going around looking for people growing weed (pot, Cannabis, whatever you want to call it).  Now we have this confusing thing about how it's legal in some states but according to the Federal Government it's not.  So they have to do all their business in cash and they don't know from one day to the next whether they will be raided by The Feds.  Yet our pharmaceutical industry is able to produce any number of "legal" but synthetic drugs that will do ever so much more damage to us but we take them because we are led to believe the good will outweigh the bad.  They are repeatedly advertised on television and in magazines, though tobacco isn't allowed to be, and liquor IS, and they urge us to "ask our doctor for a prescription".  Since they kinda use us as guinea pigs, it's odd that we have to pay so dang much for the drugs.  It's hard not to feel like our government doesn't really care about our health and well-being so much as whether it's something they can regulate and tax.  The big pharma industry just keeps on getting bigger and more prosperous every day, on the backs of the Elderly, who don't know, with each change of President, whether the Social Security and Medicare "insurance" that was withdrawn from their pay all during their working years will still be there for them in their old age, as was promised every time we complained, in our youth, about having no choice about the payroll deductions.  Entitlement?  Hell yes!  My government took from me the money I could've invested in other, possibly wiser, ways, and now it looks like they're asleep at the wheel when it comes to managing what's left in the fund.  All the politicians speak of entitlement as if it's a dirty word.  Webster's defines the word as "a right to benefits, especially by law or contract".  Only recently has another definition been added: "the belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain benefits or privileges".   I'm sure that's a recent definition, they keep messin' with the dictionary until before long nobody's going to know what we really mean when we talk because they're tacking on so many different definitions to words that contradict each other.  Make a new word, why don'tcha, and leave the old words alone.  But anyway, they need to quit looking at us Elderly people like we're this big drain on the economy when we're the reason why that money's there, and there'd be a lot more of it there if our government was managing it wisely.  We Senior Citizens were productive all our lives.  We went to war.  We raised our own children.  We lived within our means.  Maybe we ought to be adding new definitions to the words "Security" and "Insurance", since they don't really mean what they were intended to mean anymore. 

Let's don't EVEN get me started on Viagra for women.  I'm still busy ranting on Viagra for men and all the stupid reasons why they think they need it.

This is probably a good place to say how frustrated I am with those polls that say so many percent of white people think one way and so many percent of black people think another.  I'm always reminded of my mother, who, when she would tell someone about some glaringly bad trait she thought they didn't know they had, she'd add, "And everybody else thinks so too!!"  If it hadn't been that it always pissed me off so much, it would've made me laugh.  And that's how I feel about these damned polls.  How do they know if they don't ask EVERYBODY??  For sure nobody's ever asked for my opinion, and the one time I wrote to Tom Coburn and told him what I thought, he sent me a letter back pretty much saying, "Nobody agrees with you but have a nice day anyway".  The bad thing about it is that people in other countries look at those polls and they get such a skewed view of Americans.  I guess we get that of them, too.  It's a shame, really.

I love the Internet for the ease of information sharing and retrieval but that road runs both ways, as we all know, which is something we just didn't expect during the earlier years.  We all know by now that it's not safe to keep information on the Internet when you want to control who looks at it.  Our government needs to have its own servers that can only be accessed by being ON SITE.  None of this wireless stuff.  And then maybe they could be better at protecting their data.  The Internet was invented in 1989 and prior to that, we got along fine.  1989 was not so long ago for a lot of us.  But I guess people that were born in 1989 are already 26 now, so there are, admittedly, some people who don't have memories of living without the Internet.  We read books, newspapers and magazines, talked on the telephone, watched the television and listened to the radio, visited our family and neighbors, and wrote letters.  If we needed to research something, we went to the library.  None of these activities carried with them the danger that the Internet does, unless you count getting mugged on the way to the library or wire-tapping of your home phone, in which case, you had to be important enough for someone to go to the trouble to actually get INTO your home to set it up.  Now, even if we are careful about how we use the Internet, everybody we buy stuff from with a credit card or bank draft, every doctor we are treated by, every business we work for, stores information about us on the internet.  If you carry a Smart Phone around, you can be tracked all the time.  If you e-mail someone a picture you took with your phone, it has information with it that gives your exact location when you took it.  Now they are showing how you can buy things just by letting your Smart Phone be scanned.  If you think it's so cool to be able to do this, tell me how cool you're going to feel when your bank account has been drained by someone scanning without your knowledge.  If you carry a credit card in your purse or wallet, now it can be scanned without anyone ever touching you.  We know all this and yet, the convenience is too seductive.  This should scare us.  Not just the facts as they are, but our careless, complacent attitudes.  I mean, women are even leaving their purses in the shopping cart while they shop and walking away from the cart so that anybody could grab it and run, and they don't even know their purse is gone till they've gotten up to the registers and need their credit card!  I was even at a garage sale once where a woman left her purse sitting on one of the tables with things that were for sale.  It was gaping open and everything, with her a few steps away.  I was just shocked.

Everything you have can be taken from you, in one way or another.  But the real danger is when you don't have a clue how to survive after everything you worked for all your life is gone.  I'm not just talking about theft.  The weather can destroy your home and vehicles and your insurance can refuse to pay, or not pay enough for you to bring everything back the way it was before.  There you are.

I really believe that the more you can learn, the more you know how to do for yourself, the better off you'll be, even if nothing bad at all ever happens.  But even that can be lost as you age, or if you are hurt.  Are we depressed enough, now?

Say your prayers, regularly.  Build a network of people you can trust.  Keep workin' your brain, and take care of what carries it around.  Live each day productively, and don't take any more chances with your health than is absolutely necessary.  You've got to admit, that's how our ancestors lived their lives.  It's what they would tell us if they could.  And it's good advice, no matter what.

This is now Wednesday and we're being told we've got some big rain coming.  So far we've only had another inch in the rain gauge, but the bullet tank has overflowed and though that usually means an inch, roughly, we went all Monday night without the drain connected to the tank.  The run off was just going out the extended downspout onto the slope of the ground, which is our only other alternative when the bullet tank has become full.  I'd love to have a second tank for that spot, and maybe one day we'll get one.  It catches the water that runs off the roof of the top floor of our tri-level, because it's just too complicated to connect it to the downspout that ends up in the cistern.  This house has all kinds of twists and turns that complicates all sorts of things.  But then, the builder wasn't thinking about the same things we do.  It was built in the 60's when there was plenty of darn near everything.  Including my looks and my youth.  Heh.

I went out to the garden early to pick some of the tomatoes that look like they are close to changing color.  There's a little Blossom End Rot.  Yesterday I found our first ripe tomato on the "Red-Orange" vines, which Hubs laid claim to without offering to share with The Grower.  Oh well, I guess it's enough he had to share with a worm. Today I found a couple of ripe Brown Berry Cherry tomatoes and popped one in my mouth. Sweet and delicious!

This is now Friday, and the rains have passed on.  We were able to dodge the bullet, in our part of the state, and ended up with only 2.5", total, in the rain gauge.  I've always thought that rain gauge was inaccurate and I still do.  Seeing how wet things are, I think we've had a li'l more than that.  But we didn't get water over the highway, and though the ponds are very full and a couple of them are pretty close to the road now, our county road wasn't washed out.  The paper deliverer said some of the roads she had to travel on her rounds were pretty bad.  Some of our friends and neighbors further south have really been hit hard.  And things were really bad in Texas.  Some people had tornadoes.  We were blessed with weather restraint.  Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow....

I had my follow-up appointment about my cataract surgery on Thursday morning, and Dr. Jeff was well pleased.  I've had a little scratchy-ness in that eye and have had some blurry vision that I'm able to blink away.  He says it's fluctuations in the tear-film and not uncommon for someone my age.  But he told me to continue one more week with one Prednisolone drop a day, and I'm a little bummed out because I just hate those drops and I thought I was completely done with them.

Our high for today was 84º and is projected to be very low 90's for the next six days.  It's the humidity that's going to be hard to handle.  This morning I burned our trash, and pulled tall grass and weeds out of the raised bed just outside the fence that holds onions.  Many of the onions in this bed had limber necks which means that's about all the growing they're going to do this year.  A few have put on seed heads, and I will leave those in the ground, and collect the seed.  This year I bought packages of onion bulbs at WMT.  Some red, some white sweet, some yellow keepers.  That's all the package said.

I did two loads of wash and they are hanging on the line.  I was out there when two vehicles came around the corner and stopped at the empty field that was recently sold.  A bunch of talking and pointing.  No ground-breaking has begun yet. 

Every so often I go out to the garden and see what I can do for awhile.  Then I come in and cool off.  The Purple Hull Pink Eye southern peas are up, but wow, the weeds are so high and the mosquitoes are so big.  I'm still taking my daily 100 mg of Vitamin B1 and spraying myself down with Paula's Mosquito Repellant, seems to help but I don't guess anything works 100% unless it's something that would be harmful for me to put on my skin.  I'm sure Paula won't mind if I post her recipe, this is as she wrote it:
Mosquito Repellant
Take one cheap spray bottle from the dollar store.  Put in 1/4 cup lemon juice, 15 drops lavender oil, 3 to 4 Tbsp. vanilla.  Mix with 16 oz. of water.  Presto!  No bites and ya don't stink either!!!
This is now Saturday and I will try to get this published today.  The weeks just fly by, it seems.

I don't know if it's the li'l bit of ADD that I cope with day-to-day, or what, but I tend to have some frustration with parts of things getting separated from each other, and when I can find one part, I can't find the other.  Does this ever happen to you?  No, it's not so much "old age", as this has always been a problem for me.  For awhile, I kept a container in a drawer that was for "Pieces and Parts Of Things".  (Maybe in Australia they'd say, "Mates Without Mates".  Heh.)  I used it all the time that the grandsons were growing up and it was very helpful then.  I'd always be finding a battery cover and not know what particular toy it went to.  The boys were really bad about leaving those laying around.  They ought to make the item inoperable if the battery cover is gone, that's all I'm sayin', but anytime I'd find one laying around, I'd stick it in the drawer.  Some people use their "Junk Drawers" for this.  For some reason I've stopped doing that and now I have a dropper bottle that's been without the dropper part FOR MONTHS.  Now I've found the dropper but I can't find the bottle.  I guess it's time to designate a drawer again.  Yesterday I found the spray can of water-proofer that I bought months ago to spray on a couple of pairs of shoes that I don't wear because when they get wet the wet spots turn black.  UGLY!!  So I went upstairs to my closet and after a bit of hunting FOUND BOTH PAIR!  What a stroke of luck.  Without further ado, I went ahead and got that done, for once and for all.  Because if I put it off I'll misplace something again. 

I got this color so it wouldn't show dirt like the white ones do.  Hmmmmmmpppppphhhhh.

This morning I made more laundry powder, from Glenda's recipe.  I wanted to link it, but I can't find where it is on Glenda's blog.  So I reprint it here.  I know Glenda won't mind.


Home-Made Laundry Detergent
One-fourth cup of distilled vinegar can be used as a fabric softener when added into the washer during the final rinse. Do not use brown vinegar as it will stain.

2 bars grated Fels-Naptha
2 cups baking soda
3 cups washing soda
3 cups Borax powder
1 cup Oxyclean (buy the generic one at Wal Mart)

Use 1-1/2 Tablespoons for normal load and 2 Tablespoons for very dirty clothes. We just use the scoop that came in the Oxyclean.

A note here from me, I like to run my grated Fels-Naptha in the Cuisinart with the baking soda.  It makes the pieces of grated soap finer and they are easier to incorporate with the other stuff.  Sometimes my other ingredients have sat on the shelf and gotten clumpy due to the humidity.  I'll measure them out and run them through the Cuisinart, too.  Also, this is a common mistake a lot of people make, but please be aware that baking soda and washing soda are two different things.  Sometimes washing soda is hard to find but there's been a surge of people making their own laundry detergent in my area, so our local Wal-Mart stocks it regularly, near the cleanser and Oxyclean.  When I first started buying it, I asked the manager of one of the local grocery stores to order me a case, and he did.  It can be bought on Amazon, but it's priced a lot higher, just so ya know.  Oh, and I have a front-loading Samsung washer now and it requires HE (High Efficiency) laundry products.  The installer told me that people who make their own laundry detergent have no trouble using it, and I've had no trouble, either.  That's a good thing, too, because that HE stuff is expensive.  How they can charge more for leaving stuff out is beyond me.

Sam reminded me that she can see the bottom of her dry cat-food bowl.  I dumped out the last of what I had stored in plastic jugs last time, so I admit I was putting off opening a new bag and filling the jugs again.  I don't like leaving bags of things sitting around once their seal has been broken.  It's an open invitation to bugs and rodents, for one thing.  For another, the contents tend to get stale.  So since I was able to find the scoop, I filled her bowl and went ahead and filled the plastic jugs again.

Just mundane things today.

I went up to the attic to check on the cabbage, and it was dry enough to pack away.

This is a one-quart jar that I vacuum-sealed with my FoodSaver jar attachment.  I used a used canning flat, unbent from opening with a chopstick, and so far the seal is tight and solid. It looks a li'l pink in this picture, but mostly white, pale green and beige in real life.

I still had three cabbages in the house from the last picking, so I shredded one and carried it to the attic.  I'd estimate what's in this quart jar was about 2.5 pounds of cabbage.  It can be added to soups and stews.  I'll only make two jars of this, until I know how it turns out.  I started wondering if the heat in the attic would be a little much for cabbage, so I moved the second batch into the extra bedroom, with the ceiling fan going.  We'll see if there's much difference between the two batches. 

One of the cabbages that was left had a soft spot in the center of the cut stump.  I opened it and it had traveled up the core but didn't get into the edible parts of the cabbage.  So I put the bad parts in the compost and made slaw with the rest, we can eat on it a little each day and our guts will thank us for it, if not our blood sugar.  We don't have diabetes but it's just better for us not to eat so much sugar.  There is a point at which I get addicted to it.


Nine-Day Coleslaw
This recipe is from "The Country Cooking Recipe Collection".  The salad marinates in the refrigerator and is said to last as long as nine days.  I've never gotten past three or four so I can't attest to that fact. 

1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 teaspoons celery seeds
2 teaspoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 lbs cabbage, thinly shredded
1 cup onion, finely chopped
1/2 cup green pepper, finely chopped
1/2 cup sweet red pepper, finely chopped
2 cups sugar (I used 1 cup and next time might use less)

Combine dressing ingredients in saucepan; bring to a boil. Cool. Combine the cabbage, onion, peppers and sugar. Let stand until sugar dissolves. Pour cooled dressing over cabbage mixture; chill.
I finally pulled one of those Walla Walla onions that had its seed head broken by the wind.  It's been standing out there with the other three for quite awhile, and divided itself into four.  Two of the four were just funny-shaped onions.  One was a funny-shaped onion with the flower stalk enclosed in a layer or two with it.  I broke the one that still had an intact seed head off the other three, without dislodging it from the ground, and brought those three that I broke off into the house.  I never knew Walla Walla would do this sort of thing in it's second year and I think it's kind of cool that it not only makes seed for next year, but divides itself as well.  Some for now, some for later, even if it didn't get big enough, last year, to make anything edible.

I just now went out to check on the part of this onion I left in the ground, and it's doing fine.  I noticed the other three plants that are growing in that spot are now forming seed.  One of the seed heads had folded over the wire cage and it was all dried up about midway.  When I touched it, it fell off (so ya better be careful what you let me touch, just sayin......).  This is it.

I think these seed are far enough along that they will go ahead and dry, becoming three hard, black seed fitted together.  When I opened up the onion, it was rotten inside and full of onion-scented water.  Yeccccchhhhh.

And now I'm wondering if when the seed heads are broken off that triggers the bulb of the onion to multiply??  Inquiring minds want to know.

On Thursday I cooked a beef roast in the pressure cooker, all it takes is half an hour after you put the rocker on the stem.  After it was done I took the meat out and set it aside and dumped in potatoes, carrots, celery and onion, with the broth.  Brought that back up to pressure and then only a couple minutes before turning it off.  The beef was nice and tender and the vegetables were not over-cooked.  Hubs ate leftovers the next night, then the night after that, I ate beef and vegetables and cooked him a hamburger patty.  Tonight I think I'll see if he wants to have a roast beef sandwich and I'll eat mine with the vegetables again.  I don't get tired of having the same thing every day as quickly as he does.  Anything left will go in the freezer.  Then in the morning I'll make a nice breakfast for Father's Day.  I'll use up the last of the bacon that's in the freezer and those last three hash-brown patties, and we'll have an egg.  He always makes toast to go with his, if I have potatoes, I don't have toast with mine. 

And so that's about it for our exciting, whirlwind lives.  After reading all this I hope you'll be able to calm down enough to go to sleep tonight.  Heh.  I'll be putting up a post soon with pictures of things that are being harvested and flowers that are blooming. 

So until then,

Rock on.  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. This was a nice visiting sort of post;kind of like sitting at the breakfast table with coffee......
    You get so much done.......I am very impressed.

    We tried the DIY laundry soap but didn't think it was getting our clothes clean. I should try it again. I think I used the same recipe.

    Glad to hear the eye surgery went well. I wonder what the prednisone drops do?

    I think the rains are done maybe and we can enjoy the dry and humidity! Still no hay cut.........

    1. Glenda, this is just like I want it to feel, like a bunch of us all gathered around the table with our coffee (or tea -- or whatever). I miss some of my "old regulars" so badly, I don't think they're coming around anymore, guess I've done too much "moving around" and made myself too hard to keep up with.... Sure glad you're still here...

      I'm not getting nearly as much done as I need to or even as much as I'd like to. There's just always so much to do here.

      I did get this recipe from off your blog, I just can't find it now, is why I didn't link it. I think it doesn't stay mixed up very well so sometimes you have more of one ingredient in your wash and other times you have more of something else. Wish there was a better way to keep it mixed up. I shake it good each time I use it. I've tried the liquid kind and it always separates and clumps, so it's no better solution unless it's heated up every time, and that's inconvenient.

      Our forecast says slight chance of thunderstorms Friday. It's very windy today. Hope it dries up in your area so you can get your hay in. I don't think it's quite time here to do the hay -- seems like July and August are when they do it. But isn't it nice to have all that hay growing?


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