Saturday, May 2, 2015

Living Room Reveal

Our living room has been a "Work In Progress" for five years.  Of course I knew immediately that a lot of the rooms would need to be repainted.  This brown paint made the room feel like a cave.

And so I painted the woodwork the color it was before they coated it in Hershey.  Then I chose a shade of peach that was really pretty on the paint chip,  but I didn't like it so much after it was on the walls.

That's Hubs in his LaZBoy, and the dog we no longer have.   That's my cute little kitchen through the door there.  But OMG, I just couldn't STAND that crappy beige carpet!!  A pet stain from previous owners right there at the doorway, near the TV, which Spike scrubbed with his industrial carpet cleaner and the stain just came back a few weeks later.  Plus after that, that area was nappy.  I cut it out and patched it with another piece of pad and carpet.  But the patch didn't turn out to be invisible like I was led to believe it would.  The Other Mrs. Jones (DIL) said she thought we were covering a floor furnace.  Heh.  I will give you a tip-off:  when you're looking at houses, if the owners or realtors are burning a candle, they are trying to mask or absorb some kind of smell. 

Later on, we added our own stains.  One from when Spike and his family ate in the living room and The Other Mrs. Jones spilled her pop.  I don't know why Hubs fills his plate and then just instinctively heads for the living room.  So Spike and his whole family followed him in there and ate on the couch!  There's a perfectly good dining room table to eat at, right in the other room!  You wouldn't think I'd have to TELL Hubs to go THERE with his plate if we have company from now on, would you?  I don't know why they all go wherever he goes.  If he went out on the patio to smoke, they'd all go out there and just leave me sitting there in the living room alone.  I could get really sensitive about this if I let myself.

Another stain came from when I was processing apples and apparently dripped something from the corner where that LaZBoy is, to the door.  There is no door in the kitchen that leads directly to the outside.  So I have to go through the living room and out the patio door.  

Joe tells me that this could be changed fairly easily, by making a door out of this window.
But then I wouldn't have a place to hang my skillet rack, or set my pot of Rosemary, or keep my trash baskets.  And I'd have to scoot the coffee bar further to the west, crowding this area:
And that's a problem because I really liked how the kitchen redo turned out, especially after that pony wall came out and the carpet was replaced with laminate flooring.  Who in their right mind carpets their kitchen???  Yuk.

Do you remember how hacked off I was when I found out that Lowe's is no longer selling paint that DOESN'T have primer in it??  I mean, what a RIP-OFF.  I even talked to the manager and you know what?  I'm good and sick of people telling me, "That's funny, yours is the only complaint we've had about that".  The HELL you say.  Big deal.  That doesn't mean people aren't griping about it.  Paint with primer in it is less smooth, and is a little draggy to put on.  Dries faster, if you like that.  Doesn't match regular paint mixed to the same paint sample.  Still needs more than one coat.  Is more expensive, and what's up with that??  Primer is less expensive than paint.  So water your paint down with primer and charge more for it?   So now I go to WMT for paint and buy Color Place.  I like it.

I had been storing almost an entire gallon of paint-with-primer that Lowe's color matched for me to use for touching up a few places in the kitchen and it's too dang blue.  I looked on The Internet to see what color to add to this paint to make it more gray.  And guess what?  It's burnt umber -- about the same color as the quart of paint that I bought for the fireplace touch-up.  I should've just bought a little sample jar.  Or does WMT even sell those, I wonder?  Since I didn't have quite a full gallon of the gray paint and the living room takes all of a gallon of paint, I decided to add a little white, also, which I happened to have out in the garage.  Then I added a little green.  Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without.  Hooray!  One less gallon of paint on the shelf in the garage!  And I really liked the color.  Gray in low light, soft gray-green in full daylight. 

So anyway, you saw all this in segments, as we went along, but I promised you a full "Reveal" after the furniture came in, and the people finally came and took the plaid sofa-bed away, so without further ado, here it is:

That's Hubs' La-Z-Boy, in the corner, he wouldn't let it go.  I'm stuck with it, and when it finally breaks apart in a thousand pieces, he'll replace it with MINE, which has been carried up to the bedroom.  WHUT WUS AH THANKIN'......?    He's got the leather all worn on the armrests, and that corner is always cluttered with shoes that he won't put in the bottom drawer and papers that he won't put in the cedar chest and all kinds of things that he keeps putting in the bowl until you can't see the bowl at all.  *Sigh*.  At least the La-Z-Boy doesn't have any duct-tape on it.

The colors never quite look right in any of the pictures, at least not on my monitor.  The upholstery swatch I found in the "gray" section turned out to be more of a greenish gray  -- almost what they used to call "Loden Green" -- when the furniture got here.  But I like green and it goes with nearly everything, so it's ok.  And the walls are less green and more gray.  Still a few finishing touches left to do, but not gonna happen right away.  Might do something else with the wall where the TV is.  Hang a quilt on the wall.....  Or some shelves....  Still not sure if I can live with the color of the cabinets being too "red".  I'll put plants on that baker's rack.  The cedar chest (in the second pic) needs to be refinished.  I think I have too much clutter on the mantel.  Still, soooo much better than before.  Feels restful.  Looks clean.

Well, that's it.  Sorry I made you wait so long to see this.  Stuff happens.  Till next time,

Rock on.  Hugs xoxoxo


  1. You've made a huge difference and I think it really looks nice.

    Your hubby enjoys his 'man chair', I'm sure it is very comfortable and comforting to him.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  2. What changes you have made! I love the new living room. DH had to keep his chair too. He tried some of the new ones but didn't like any of them......his chair is still in pretty good condition.

    What will you do with yourself when you get everything finished? I hope you relax and just enjoy it!

  3. Love it! It looks cozier after the makeover, and I totally understand your husband's love for his La-Z-Boy. Hahaha! You did a great job in giving your living room a makeover, Ilene. After all, every area in the house needs a refreshing change once in a while. Kudos!

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes


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