Saturday, August 19, 2017

An Informational Post

I wanted to share with you something I have recently been looking into.  As much as I gripe about Hubs always having the TV on, I have to (blushingly) admit that I do glean a lot off that TV that fosters further research and a lot of new, and usually helpful, information. 

The topic at hand is Dr. Helene Langevin's presentation on Integrative Medicine and how it is that our eleven body systems (respiratory, digestive, reproductive, skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, immune, urinary, endocrine and integumentary) are all connected, work "in tandem", and when one is not working right, all the others suffer as well.  She then gets into how it is that stretching connective tissue can be an effective tool to alleviate pain in all areas of the body.  Here is a presentation she did in 2016 about connective tissue and healing.  I found it very interesting.  Maybe you will, too.

I have not seen any formal connection of Dr. Langevin to Miranda Esmond-White, but they were presented together during our local PBS channel's fund-raising event last week.  Apparently Miranda has a show on PBS in some areas, but not on OETA.  That they were giving her DVD's as "gifts" if you donated $144 that night, might mean that they're going to start airing her show in the new season.  She has several books and DVD's that are available on Amazon, of specific interest to me is the book "Forever Painless:  End Chronic Pain and Reclaim Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day", which has 88 verified customer reviews with a rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.  If you go to You-Tube and plug in her full name, you'll find quite a few videos there.  She also has a book "Aging Backwards", which some of the reviewers said is a "companion book".  Others said if you have "Forever Painless", you don't need "Aging Backwards".  Her product name is "Essentrics" and claims to show us how to use all 623 muscles in our entire body.  She has training as a ballet dancer.  According to the information she presented, all the muscles should be stretched routinely.  Here are a couple of Essentrics You-Tube channels worth checking out:
The website is here:
If you go to , you can watch several of her videos there.  I actually think that's where you should start if you want to try to do them.  I'm doing that, and I've ordered the Forever Painless book.

A little update information on previous blogposts:

In the post before this one, I showed you the recipe I was going to use for "Secret Garden Tonic" and showed you where I was ordering Liquid Seaweed and fish emulsion.  The liquid seaweed arrived and I was disappointed in that I was thinking it was a gallon and it's only a quart.  Duhhhhhhh.  It's not like I don't know 32 ounces is a quart.  My mother always said, "A pint's a pound, the world around".  And two pints make a quart, four quarts make a gallon.  So I decided since the price I paid made it practically liquid gold, I would find a better use for it.  Or I might use less of it in the recipe.  Not sure yet.  The fish emulsion delivery was delayed.  So having Amazon Prime doesn't solve THAT problem.  There's still plenty of good stuff in that recipe, though.  They weren't in the original "Secret Lawn Tonic", afterall.  Being as my garden still has a few things that are alive, but struggling, I made up a batch excluding those two things.  The ground is still saturated from the rain.  Best to strike while the iron is hot.  The sun came out hot, and nothing showed any signs of being burned, and I did splash some on some of the leaves.  They seem to have perked up a little but it might be all this rain.  One thing though.  Don't leave your jugs of mixed-up "tonic" out in the warm as it'll expand and bubble over even if it's not in direct sunlight.  Best to use it all right after mixing if you can.

Now that we've had all this rain, I can attest to the fact that having taken vitamin B1 (Thiamin), 100mg a day, for several months has not helped keep the mosquitoes off me AT ALL, contrary to what I alluded to in a previous post.  We are trying to be careful not to have anyplace where they can breed except for maybe the 3 birdbaths that we keep on the property.  My thinking is that maybe mosquito larvae will be eaten by birds when they come to drink the water.  But I could be all wrong with that.  We have ponds all around us and so it probably does not matter whether we have standing water here or not.  I've known mosquitoes to breed and incubate their young in tall, damp grass.  Even at that, Hubs and I have been trying harder to keep all that to a minimum.  *Sigh*.  I'm considering stopping taking it, being that it is apparently not working to ward off mosquitoes, but when I looked it up, I found it's an "anti-stress" product, and that it helps regulate metabolism, and keeps your mucous membranes healthy.  I might've accidentally come upon something to help me with my dry-eye syndrome, because I've noticed in the last few months I haven't had to use my eye drops as often.  Here's what Livestrong says about B1:
I am going back to that blogpost and pasting this paragraph there, as well.

While I'm on the subject of vitamins and other supplements, I thought maybe you might like to know what else I am taking right now.  I don't have to take any prescription drugs and that is as I want to keep it as long as I can.  Every time I see a new doctor, everyone who speaks to me is surprised I am not taking prescription medications at 70 years old.  You know, I find that a sad commentary on the health, or lack of it, amongst Americans.  My cholesterol is a little high but I had some problems with muscle spasms after I started taking statin drugs when I was in my early 60's.  And that opened the door for taking prednisolone, which scared the bejeezers out of me.  So as soon as I got home from the Emergency Room I quit taking that statin drug.  And as soon as I got so I could get up out of bed, I quit taking that pred.  Now and then I feel a muscle spasm coming on and that's when I lie down with the heating pad and take aspirin.  Sometimes a glass of wine instead of the aspirin.  Depends.  I'm grateful that so far I have not had a full-blown back spasm since I retired at the age of 60.  Maybe some of it was on-the-job stress, not sure.  But the problem with prescription drugs is that they have side-effects such that some other prescription drug has to be taken for the side-effect, and you get on a vicious cycle after that.  I'm lucky that my sugar readings, my blood pressure, and my heart functions are all within acceptable limits.  What I'm saying here is that if I were taking prescription drugs, I'd have to discuss any supplements I took with my doctor.  And we should all let our doctors know what supplements we take, anyway.  Keep in mind that some of them will interact with each other, some in a good way, some not.  It gets all so very complicated, and I know it's best to get your nutrients from food, but if we have to eat a limited number of calories per day in order to get ourselves out of the OBESE category, there are only so many nutrients that can be packed into that.  In some areas of our country, it's just nearly impossible to get certain things that are so good for us, like fresh-caught salmon, and even when we can, it's questionable what ELSE we're consuming as our oceans are polluted in certain areas, and we can't trust what's been done with them between the catching and the selling processes.  That's another sad thing.  We didn't eat much fish of any kind when I was growing up, and I have just never cared much for the smell of it, not to mention the taste.  So I buy Krill Oil.  I get MegaRed, 750mg, or a store brand equivalent.  It has Astaxanthin and I only have to take one a day.

My therapist at BPR recommended that I take Biotin Hair, Skin and Nails formula to help keep the skin healthy on my legs, and so I have been taking that once a day.  I got my first bottle at WMT and it's about gone.  I got a better deal on Amazon for Natrol Hair, Skin and Nails, contains 5000mcg of biotin and 10mg of lutein.  My hair has grown like you wouldn't believe and my nails, also.  It's a preventative thing for my skin, so it's hard to tell if it's doing anything there or not.  My dermatologist has always told me she thinks I have "beautiful skin", every time I see her, though lately she's been adding, "for your age".  Mom didn't start showing obvious wrinkling till she was 90. 

I take a WMT multi-vitamin that compares to Centrum Silver.  And my ophthalmologist asked me to take a vitamin for the eyes called Ocuvite.  It contains lutein and he stresses that.  I think since I take a multi-vitamin and now am getting lutein in the Hair, Skin and Nails formula, I won't need to take the Ocuvite.

A few months ago I started taking Turmeric in pill form.  I buy a concentrated formula that delivers 1300mg and black pepper, which helps the body absorb it.  It's Bio-Science's maximum strength.  I get what I'm supposed to need with two capsules a day.  And then I don't have to mess with the cooking procedure, mixing it with milk and honey and drinking it before bed when I don't really like the taste and don't really need the calories or the honey that I have to add to minimize the gag effect.  Turmeric helps with inflammation and every problem I have seems to qualify as An Inflammatory Disease.  Sheesh.

Most recently, I have started taking one Doctor's Best, High Absorption Magnesium.  Two tablets are 200mg of magnesium, and the recommended dosage on the bottle is two, twice a day, for a total of four tablets.  Yesterday I bumped it up to two.  I doubt I will take more than this, because magnesium is a component of my electrolytes and they can get imbalanced if too much tinkering is done with some of the components.  The selling point for magnesium is that it helps you sleep better at night and smoothes out muscles when there is a problem with spasms.  I haven't been taking these long enough to know if they help.  Although it seemed like, on the first day, my knee didn't seem to be as swollen and didn't hurt as much.  There has been some suggestion that the reason why my knee hurts is because the muscle that comes down from the hip, runs along the outside of the leg and then wraps down under the kneecap, (illiotibial band, sometimes referred to as the IT band) is the problem.  I notice I'm kind of sore in that area running down my leg, sometimes.  Since that was suggested to me, I've done a little research and it is said that people who have knee replacement surgery sometimes may have this problem.  The last time my knee had a fit, it felt like a hard muscle cramp.  And I know from experience with my back muscles, if they are allowed to go into a full-blown cramp and stay there, it takes days to recover after the cramps have settled down.  This muscle smoothing ought to be good for my back, and since I seem to catch myself 'tensed up' and not even knowing I'm doing it, I probably AM "high strung" as my mother used to say I was.  It's not like I WANT to be, OK????  The reason I was might be because I was born into a big family and certain family members were allowed to tease me when I was much too young to have the tools to fight back.  They made me nervous as hell.  If a little kid can't feel safe in their own home, WHERE CAN they feel safe?  Magnesium is good for your heart, nerves, and bones, as well as your muscles.  I have read that most people don't get enough magnesium from their diets.  And some say our soil is so depleted now that it's questionable whether there's enough magnesium in food even if you could eat enough to satisfy your needs.  I don't know, because I also know you can read anything you want on the Internet, everybody will lie to you if there's a dollar in it for them.  And well-meaning people pick up internet information and run with it, without trying it for themselves before they start recommending it to others.  Before long, you start seeing it everywhere you look, even if it doesn't work.  You just have to try it and see what you think.

I seem to be losing weight a little better this month. I've already hit 5 pounds lost for the month and there are still twelve days left to the month! Maybe now that I've said that, I won't lose another ounce for the rest of the time, but the chances are good that I might be able to knock of at least one more pound in the time that's left, maybe a little more. We'll see how it goes. I bought some jeans at a garage sale a few weeks back, in a size 14, and I can get them on and fastened. They are not nearly as tight on as some of those I see other people wearing, but they are still a little too snug for comfort. I don't like my clothes to talk to me. As it is, my regular clothes are starting to do that, in the other direction. Hubs calls me "Baggy Britches" all the time. We hit an estate sale this weekend, and OMG, the closets were stuffed with so many women's clothes that they were marked at $1 each. I noticed that there were, for instance, several tops on one hanger. I found several of those matching tops and pants made out of t-shirt material that I do so love for wearing around home. So when we got to the cashier, I asked if the pants and tops count as one, or two. And I was then told that it's a dollar PER HANGER. SUCH a deal. I spent $13 and ended up with these. I've tried them on and the pants are a little snug but by the time I'll want to start wearing them they are very likely to fit just fine. The tops are big but that's how I like them.
Almost everything still had the tags on them from the store.  The t-shirt/pants sets were originally sale priced at $14 to $16 for each set.  And some of the tops were Koret.  I like Koret because they are mix and match.  You can buy a pair of pants or a skirt and find all kinds of different tops that will coordinate. 
I wondered about the woman who bought these clothes, and why she never wore them.  Was she trying to lose weight, like me, and buying them for when she could fit into them?  Did she become ill and bed-ridden after she bought them?  Or was she one of those hoarders?  Did she own a clothing shop and these were things that didn't sell?  I went back on half-price day and spent $7 more.  Turned out there were two nice sets I'd missed, and I got some assorted pants and tops.
And so I asked the woman running the sale.  She said that there were piles and piles of clothing throughout the house.  So many that they had to donate a lot of them before they could even have the sale.  I'm grateful to that woman, though, and may she rest in peace, free of her hoarding illness and hopefully at peace where she is.  I will put these clothes to good use, as I donated all my clothes in sizes lower than 16 about three years ago, having decided I'd never be able to get into them again.  Oh, I wish I still had those hot-pink jeans with the white top that had pink polka-dots on it.  And those purple jeans.  They were Rockies, if I'm remembering right.  Though it might be too young-looking for me to wear now. *Sigh*.   I will pay it forward by donating my too-big clothes, although there are some things that I'm fond of and I will want to alter them. 
This pantsuit was worth going back for:
It needs a light pressing, and it's a size 18 so it's real loose.  But I think something like this is best worn loose, don't you?  Here is a close-up of the fabric.  It's just some kind of soft knit.  The pants are same material as the top that's under the jacket.  It's one of those "fake tops" that is front only, sewn into the jacket.  And the necklace is sewn in too! (?)  All supposed to be machine washable, cold.  But I'll take that necklace off, first, and fix it so it'll pin back in, or something.  Hubs said he loves this outfit.  And I kinda like it, too.  Bear in mind, I'm not wearing any makeup at all and my hair's a mess.  What you see is what you get.  Heh.
There was no price tag on this one, but it doesn't look or feel like it's been worn.  The tag in the back says "Pride and Joy".  I never heard of that clothing line before.  I guess there must be a gazillion different brands, though.  Polyester and cotton, made in the USA.  The color is ivory, though it looks green in this picture here.
There was another set that I had missed, as well.  It's more for winter
Yikes, I kinda look like Sissy Spacek here.  Errrr, maybe her grandma.  I have already lost my 5 pounds for the month and hope to be able to knock off a couple more before I do my Weight Loss Report to you in early September.  The pantsuit is by Queen Casuals, I don't think it's an 18.  Might be a 16 or even a 14 as it feels snug.  The top is a Sag Harbor, and not sure it's supposed to go with.  It is a large.  Not an extra-large.  The whole thing is very heavy, made for winter wearing I'm sure.   This picture was the third try for Hubs and that's why my smile is so weird.  I just hate to pose for pictures.  They never really look very good.  By the time I need to wear this, it'll be looser on, and maybe I'll find a top that looks better with it.  I think a long-sleeved one would be best, maybe in a splashy print.  Or a nice lightweight sweater with long sleeves.  She must not've liked long sleeves as I didn't find anything that had them in her 'stash'.  But I might have one that will work.   

That pink t-shirt set in the middle, I'll probably wear the pants with something else for awhile, till washing fades it out to go better with the top.  Apparently she wore the top and not the pants.
There were also a couple pair of cotton-blend pants, one in black that's too big and will be ok for the garden.  And the other is navy and very heavy, not exactly jeans but close, and I will wear them in the winter.  Fortunately the legs of all these things are big enough that my big legs will fit comfortably in them.  All I see in the stores now are "skinny jeans".  If I'm gonna wear those, they better be of some kind of stretchy stuff. 
Well, that's about all I have for you this time.  I hope you're comfortable and safe where you are.  Hugs xoxoxo